Style | Geometric Crop Top + Aquamarine Skirt

Good Morning and Happy Monday!


There are always styles that cyclically come and go through the times. Sometimes these “trends” tend to resonate with the younger generation and then they are adapted appropriately for the adults. There is a style that I have not been able to make my own Continue reading “Style | Geometric Crop Top + Aquamarine Skirt”

Style | Black Peplum + Sage

Happy Monday! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend. I introduced you to my collaboration with Lorna Stell last week and I am happy to post another style from our Boston walking series. After wandering through the beautiful Boston commons, we eventually decided to take on the concrete jungle that is downtown Boston. The tall buildings, construction areas and old brick roads make for a fun change in scenery.


Have you ever had an issue with finding the perfect jeans for you and your body type?  Continue reading “Style | Black Peplum + Sage”

Shop | Chloe & Isabel Summer Accessories

If you weren’t aware – I love accessories! I know that I can be picky about what I actually get so I definitely do take my time to find the right one. Its like a wedding dress – you just know when you have found the right one. Say yes to the necklace! (ring, earrings or bracelet too)


Companies dedicated to just accessories are becoming much more common place this day and age. I was introduced to Chloe and Isabel’s accessory line through an amazing blogger and friend – Kenzie at Continue reading “Shop | Chloe & Isabel Summer Accessories”