Going AWAY!


I am excited to share that I got my first piece of AWAY luggage! This luggage has been on my wishlist since they launched but I could never bring myself to buy it since I had a suitcase that was still great to use at home. That is….until I broke one of the wheels right before the covid shutdown. 



So the mister surprised me on my birthday and took me to the Away store in the Boston seaport area to pick one out! I went with the All Black Bigger Carry-On with the battery charger included. Even though I haven’t had the chance to travel to an airport with it yet, there are several features that I love so far from the few road trips we have taken with it. 

The External Features //

  • A TSA lock that you can custom code and lock with the zipper pull tabs so they aren’t flopping everywhere
  • 360 degree wheels so I can roll is all directions and not just forward + back ( it also has a soft touch finish so you don’t get the plastic rolling sound.
  • The hard shell case! I destroyed the fabric  on the outside of my other suitcase and they say that this one is cleanable with a magic eraser. 
  • 100 day warranty so I can use it to see if I like it and take it back if its not what I expected.
  • A built-in battery charger. This is the most crucial yet exciting part for when I travel for work. I work constantly from my phone so having the ability to recharge on the go without fighting over an outlet in the terminal is amazing.
  • I also picked out a luggage tag and had it monogrammed in store in gold to match. ❤ 

The Inner Compartments //

  • The laundry bag was a nice surprise and a great idea. I always brought a bag with me for dirty clothing and now I have one included. It is attached by a snap if you want to remove it, or roll it up into the zippered compartment inside the suitcase when not needed.
  • Clip straps that keep the clothing in place that are able to be adjusted so you can pack more if needed without limits.
  • A center divider that helps to keep the clothing tightly packed when you close the suitcase. Although its also a mesh pocket of its own, its very slim so I haven’t quite figured out what to pack in that area yet.
  • The suitcase came with a duster bag that helps to store it away when it I wasn’t using it.

The Cons //

  • I went with the all black luggage thinking that it would help to hide the dirt and scratched but oddly it scratches in white with slight brushes with walls, etc. It does come with a magic eraser sponge so it does work to remove the scratches – just uses a little elbow grease.
  • The compartments are two large sides whereas my old luggage had compartments specifically for liquids and delicate items so I am learning to “repack” with this new shape. I am thinking of getting packing cubes to help me organize a bit better. (you know, type A…)

Overall I am happy with the Away Carry-on Suitcase so far and can write a more in-depth review once I get to travel with it more often this summer.


Let me know if you have any questions! Happy to share more details if I missed anything here.

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