Raised in Bridgeport, Refined in Boston.

I grew up in the hospitality world with nothing but an apron always attached to my waist and a name tag on my shirt. After 1 4 years in the industry, I made a break for it and took on corporate life with eyes wide open and a closet full of uniforms.

Work style didn’t and still doesn’t come easy, but it’s part of my journey. My lessons learned from trial + error these past few years are:

  1. Structured pieces are my jam! I love classic items that will last multiple seasons without too much wear and tear.
  2. I need more color in my style portfolio. Black + White are my fave, but its definitely time to expand.
  3. Shoes make me one happy girl<3 (…and so does a good chai tea latte, yum!)

I am a manager that creates more leaders than followers + the assistant coach of a high school dance team. I dream of living in Paris one day, but until then, Boston is my home.

I personally would like to welcome you to The Cubicle Collections where I aim to inspire the everyday working girl on her quest for world domination. Embrace your inner #girlboss and get after it. It’s what you were destined to do!

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