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I have had my eyes (and heart) on this backpack for a very. long. time. My first Lo&Sons purchase was when they initially launched their Catalina Bag and I discovered the brand while looking for a new weekender. I know from experience that they take quality seriously so when this backpack showed up on the site, I was instantly intrigued.

The backpack is an investment item due to the higher price point, but it’s worth it! I love finding a good deal, but I knew that I was going to have to save for this one. You can imagine my surprise when the Rowledge backpack showed up at the house as a gift from the mister, I was floored! Turns out that he overheard me talking about it to a friend and jumped on the opportunity. I can honestly say, I love it! It doesn’t disappoint in quality, storage, design, and usability. It quickly became my everyday bag for work and work travel. I even get stopped on the train platform frequently by someone asking questions about the bag and wanting to see the quality in person before they make a purchase.

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Lo&Sons has multiple backpack options, but the Rowledge seemed to check all the boxes for me. There are many color combinations available for the exterior, interior, and hardware to choose from — I have the black exterior, camel interior with gold hardware. The exterior comes in a Santa Fe Red, Gray, and Deep Navy Blue and the interior in Gray, Camel, Lavender, and Blue (the lavender interior would be my other choice). For now, you can only purchase the backpack direct from the Lo&Sons website so keep an eye out, ’tis the season for sales and deals.


Lets talk storage! My issue with a traditional backpack is that everything would be in one compartment and I would have to rifle through to find what I was looking for. I had packing cubes and tech bags to organize everything just so I can find my headphones or phone charger. The Rowledge backpack solved for all this. 


There is a laptop sleeve built into the back in its own zipped compartment and it doesn’t look bulky. The side pockets have a flex material built in so that you can fit odd sized water bottles that range from the shape of a Swell to the larger plastic water bottles you get at the airport. There is also an organizational insert that helps to keep notebooks and paperwork in one area, thank goodness! In addition to the pockets on the outside, there are also mesh pockets along the inside for quick access storage. Similar to a purse, there are more pockets sewn into the lining that are a great place to store charger banks, wallets, pens and pencils, or anything else that you may need. As you can tell – lots of storage. With all this, I was able to get rid of all my organizational pouches! Yippee!!


The front zipped area has a place for pens and pencils like the interior, but I use this for my eyeliner or slim makeup brushes for quick touch-ups on the go. You never know when a last minute meeting comes up – so I have to be prepared. The small pouches inside this area are great for travel sized lotion, chap stick, or hand sanitizer and the back zipped area is where I keep my clean disposable face masks. I also love that there is a built in key chain holder. It gives me peace of mind to know where my house keys are throughout the trip and not worrying about leaving them somewhere across the country! 


The best part of this backpack is the small compartment on the top. It’s perfect for items that need to be accessed quickly such as a commuter train tickets for my day-to-day, a wallet, or passport. This has been great for getting through the security lines at the airport too! Total game changer!!

Jackie Portraits

Jackie Portraits


The backpack is so versatile for everyday use. I appreciate that it can transition as quickly as I need to for work. Here are a few ways you can convert the bag for your needs:

  • TRADITIONAL //  Wear it as a traditional backpack on your shoulders with adjustable straps. The straps are padded and help ease the tension for the days when you have a heavier bag.
  • BRIEFCASE //   Carry it by the handle if you are heading into a meeting as a chic and modern briefcase with your laptop and paperwork in tow. You simply un-clip the straps and tuck them in the back zipper area so they’re not swinging around. 
  • SUITCASE SLEEVE //  A hidden panel area on the back unzips and fits over your suitcase handles for travel. This is great in the airport so the backpack can rest on a suitcase as needed.
  • STOW IT // Use it as your carry on (because its size qualifies it) and it fits perfectly under the seat in front of you.

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FAQs about the Rowledge Backpack

What size laptop fits in  the laptop sleeve area?
The backpack is built for 13″ laptops which is the one I carry. It might be able to fit a 15″ laptop in there, but I haven’t tried that.

How do I keep the bag clean?
I suggest spot cleaning since the external material is a nylon and leather. Don’t use anything with oils or scents, it could damage it.

What materials are the backpack made of?
The majority of the backpack is made of water-resistant nylon, the accents are made from a soft nappa leather, and the hardware / zippers are designed to keep water out of the backpack in the case of rain.

What are you doing with the backpack while working from home?
I have removed everything from the bag and am currently storing it in the duster bag that came with the backpack. I can’t wait to take it out and use it again.

When packed, does it still fit under the seat on the airplane?
As long as you don’t over-stuff it, yes! It fits perfectly without having to stuff it or scuff it.

What are the four gold dots underneath the backpack?
These are awesome! They’re like little feet, so when I have to put my backpack down, it doesn’t rest the material on the floor. 

How is the weight balance of the bag?
The backpack is pretty light, but I have packed it full at some points. The padded straps help but it can get uncomfortable when carrying a heavy bag for a prolonged period of time – that’s why I’m so glad it has the suitcase band in the back. 

Obviously, there are so many things that you can do with this backpack and Lo&Sons does a great job of showing that all here! (check it out if you’re interested) I would highly recommend saving for and/or purchasing this item if you are ever looking for a high quality bag (especially if you have lots of travel involved). It is worth every penny.

They also just launched a new, smaller version of this bag called the Beacon. All these opinions and thoughts are my own and this post is NOT sponsored, I just love my bag! If you have any questions – please leave a comment below and I’ll answer them as best as I can!

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Photos by: Kelsey Converse Photography 

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  1. Hi there, I came across your review while researching the Rowledge. Is yours the small or the large version of the bag? And after having used it for a while now, does it hold its shape, and is it still in good condition? I read some reviews on the Lo & Sons website that said the bags started falling apart after a while so I’m a bit worried about that. Thanks! 🙂

    1. HI There! I apologize for the delay in response – but I have had my bag for almost two years now. So far, it’s holding its shape and is in good condition. It also is my work bag, so with working remote – it’s been used primarily for travel. I also store it in the duster bag it came with when I am not using it so it wasn’t just sitting around in the open air collecting dust. I still love it and love using it, but so far so good on my end.

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