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Do you think that we could be back in the office by the end of the year? I am not sure how I feel about it yet. On the one hand, I miss being in the office and seeing all my co-workers and building that camaraderie that you can’t get on the zoom meetings. On the other hand, I am loving the commute from my bed to my office in the mornings because I have become accustomed to being lazy in the mornings. (just being honest….)

One thing that does pump me up about the notion of heading back to the office is going to a coffee shop again. I love coffee shops. I enjoy sitting in a coffee shop, sippin’ on a chai tea latte and having a meeting or working by myself. Its a great place to people watch and the vibe always being an air of calmness to my hectic schedule. It’s normally the the place I go to when I get that 3pm slump. The walk, the fresh air and a cheesecake from Tatte makes everything better.

In the past, I’ve rounded up a few local coffee shops that I frequented and you can read that here – but since I have discovered more, why not grow the list! This is by no means a full list, but a great place to start if you are ever in the city and need caffeine! Instead of searching for ‘coffee near me’, save this list for a great start.


Tatte //Still a treat. There are so many throughout the city but I have spent time in the Beacon Hill, Downtown Crossing, Seaport and Fenway locations. Each have their own french cafe feel to it, but its most definitely a vibe. I miss their delicious + beautiful desserts. If you want breakfast – the Breakfast Sandwich and Croissant Sandwich are delish! 

Ogawa // – If you want a cappuccino, espresso or latte that is hand crafted by baristas who are super passionate about coffee – this is the place. Its located in the same building as my office and I miss popping in there for a yummy chai tea latte.

George Howell // Located in the Godfrey Hotel – it looks like a chic bar that you can get and espresso and cappuccinos from. My boss actually swears by it and makes it a point to stop in whenever he is in town. Their roast flavors are always unique and complex, its perfect for the coffee connoisseurs out there.

Thinking Cup // When I was at Emerson College, our group of friends used to gather here when they first opened. It is so nice to stop back in there from time to time and grab relive those memories. I love their biscotti’s and baked goods!

L.A. Burdick // Come for the coffee but stay for the hot cocoa and hand crafted treats. The shop is like stepping into a magical wonderland mixed with a fancy hot chocolate bar. The homemade hot chocolate options are unbelievable – try the white hot chocolate and one of their cute little mice with tails that kids (and adults) go crazy for. It’s a must visit if this is your first trip to Boston!

Caffe Nero // Always a favorite place for me to go and usually my first choice nowadays when stepping out for a treat. I love that Caffe Nero does a large size for their chai latte – you would be surprised to see how many places only do one size for this. I typically always get a breakfast sandwich here too! Try the Ham + Cheese Croissant if you’re looking for a delicious start to the morning.

Starbucks // Ok, don’t kill me but there is a great Starbucks on Summer Street. Walk up the block in Downtown Crossing if you want that flat white, a fancy Starbucks cup for your insta-worthy photos, or just a good option for takeout coffee. I love that you can quick order on the app if you’re running late to a meeting – my summer go-to is the Starbucks Chai Tea Latte or Iced chai tea latte. It actually inspired my work from home latte recipe here.

Since I make my chai teas at home now, I am not sure that I will go back to the frequency that I was pre-pandemic…but I will surely go. Besides I have gift cards I need to use!

Boston Photoshoot-78

Boston Photoshoot-85

If I haven’t been to one of your faves regardless if its in Boston or not – let me know in the comments below. I might be hitting the road again for work, so I’ll add it to the list. Don’t forget to follow The Cubicle Collections on Instagram. 

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