Two Luxe Lipsticks You Should Own


Lipstick is the one item in your beauty kit that is a great expression of your feelings, emotions and confidence. I personally was always afraid of wearing a bold red lip, but I have come full circle my friends!

As a kid, I ripped out pages of beauty magazines and hung them up in my bedroom so I always imagined owning something from Coco Chanel.  What’s more perfect than a red lipstick from Chanel? I am far from ever owning one of the higher priced handbags or clothing items but it doesn’t mean that the brand is completely off limits! **TIP: Makeup ( and perfume( is the perfect way to enter a brand you want to sport without the hefty price tag.

A great time for these purchases often come during special occasions like a birthday or promotion. Splurge on an item that you wouldn’t normally buy but have always wanted. My first Chanel lipstick came from a trip to Toronto for my birthday pre-covid and on my way back to the US, I bought one at the airport as a birthday gift to myself. In searching for a classic red lip I found Rouge Allure Luminous Intensity #99 Pirate. ❤


The lipstick glides on so smooth! Just one swipe really gives you all the color that you need without having to go over it many times. Your lips feel supple and there is little need to continue to re-apply as the day goes on. In researching, I learned that there is sweet almond oil and sappan wood in the ingredients that help to smooth, moisturize and protect your lips. So can I consider it lipstick and chapstick in one right? 😛

I use it mainly for date night out and attending weddings but I love the lipstick overall. Each one of these puppies weigh in at $40 a piece, which is a high ticket price but this luxurious lipstick its worth the investment.


I added the Rouge Allure Velvet #62 Libre for a more nude/contemporary lipstick option in my arsenal. I know its a darker shade, but its one of the best nude lipsticks I have. The lipstick quality is the same as the first – purely amazing! Everything in the way the color applies, how long it stays on, and how it feels is an entirely different level of luxury. I would definitely add another color in the future to my Chanel lipstick collection (if you can even call it a collection at 2 now). ❤

I’m thinking my next one may be one of these colors:


Here’s to many more wake up + makeup moments in the mornings for your days ahead.

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