Valentine’s Day Gift Guide // For Her

Roses are red, Violets are blue….It’s almost here!

Well if you plan on getting a gift and are at a loss for what to get, here are a few things that might help! I gathered up all the items that we love in our home and hope that you love them too. They are split into his and hers – but let me know if you want a Galentine’s gift guide too – our best friends are just as important!

Valentines Day Gifts For Her


  • Perfume – A beautiful scent and a romantic bottle design that is a perfect gift
  • Luxe Throw Blanket – I’m always cold, so if your lady is like me, a blanket is always a welcomed gift and perfect for a movie night snuggle.
  • Stud Earrings – A similar style to David Yurman ones and just as classic. Love the mix of silver and gold with the rhinestone center. I have worn them for many travel work meetings.
  • Warm House Slippers – Whether you have matching pairs or need a great house slipper option – these are great. And they are hard sole underneath too.
  • Bubble bath – How many of you thought this beautiful bottle was wine or alcohol??! This gorgeous bubble bath is perfect to make any bathroom look and feel like a personal spa. Here is the same but in a travel set!
  • Luxe Red Lipstick – Every girl needs a great red lipstick in their arsenal and this is a great entry into a luxe brand. I own these two colors (post here)
  • Vanilla Candle – Add to a At-home spa day with a warm vanilla candle. I love a good candle for any day really…. lol
  • Health Tracker – I am obsessed with mine and got it around Christmas. I can track everything and the upgrade with digital screen is worth it. plus they made interchangeable bands that are work wear approved! I got this one!
  • Sample Tea Trio – A great way to try new tea flavors if you’re into teas with great packaging and the storage containers too. (ps. these were on Oprah’s faves list!)
  • Gold Stacked Ring – Jewelry is always a great small gift for your lady – I love how chic this stacked ring is and can be worn for personal and for work events.
  • Neutral Crossbody Bag – I feel like I use crossbody bags more and more every day. The texture and color of this is stunning and has enough space for all the essentials inside too.

What do you think of these choices? What would you have chosen?

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