Where to Buy Affordable Workwear


It’s no secret that I have retail brands that I shop very frequently and there is a reason for that.

I’m sure that everyone likes to get items of great quality at a fantastic price whether that is with clothing, beauty products, furniture or even airplane tickets! Saving money and still getting something you wanted always feels like you’re #winning.

So here are a few tips and tricks to some of my favorite places to shop (now that we don;t necessarily go to the mall anymore) and how to get what you want at prices that your wallet and bank account will thank you for.



LOFT // 

If you are looking for a store that covers business casual and weekend wear, this is a great place to shop. Loft is always launching new seasonal designs that range across tops and bottoms and in the fall – the sweaters are my absolute favorite. Everything washes well and I have items that have lasted me for years and years. The one thing that you learn quickly is that they have unbelievable sales!! I got this striped dress there and it was on repeat all summer long.

How to shop: 

  • Start in the sale section of the site to see if there is something that falls right into your wheelhouse of what you are looking for. I find that there are always great items to add to the cart by starting here. Make sure to sort or filter by color or category – I have made purchases where the entire haul is less that $50 here. It’s amazing.
  • Shop during events where you also get LOFT cash back. I know that it is a risk since sometimes you lose it – but if you remember, it can save you tons of cash since the coupons tend to be in $25 increments!
  • Sign up for their All Rewards program. Loft rewards you to shop and those points add up to money off! PLUS you get bonus point days and birthday rewards too – so its worth it if you shop there enough to sign up. This one is free and only takes an email address.
  • If you are all in on LOFT – consider getting their credit card. It’s like the All Rewards program but with even more benefits. I know friends that have them and swear by the card. I don’t personally own one and I still get some great benefits in the free program.

H&M //

Sometimes I get lucky here with clothing (like with this beautiful suit), but not always. However, it is one of my favorite places to go for accessories and looking at trends! Whether you need a hat or a purse or something smaller like a pair of socks – H&M seems to cover the bases for many of those items.

How to Shop:

  • Start at the Trend Edit area of the site to take a look at what is up and coming and if any of those items would be something that you are interested in. It helps to navigate the site when you know what you are looking for since they have lots of options.
  • Sign up to be an H&M Loyalty Program. You also earn points for shopping the site and store and then you can redeem the vouchers for money off your purchases. When you sign in, also check you “My account” area for offers that are exclusive to members such as gift card giveaways!


Express //

This is my go-to for all things denim jeans and blazers! I also find some amazing outerwear there too – like this gray wool car coat I got last year on sale! Whether you shop the site directly or are close to an outlet store, my Express items have lasted me for years! This is also a fantastic place to shop if you are looking for ‘date night out’ style of clothing because there are options that feel sexy and glamourous.

How to Shop:

  • If you are new to site, cruise around for a bit. There are some new algorithms that immediately offer you $10 off your purchase if you check out in that shopping period. Its not a guarantee in the cart – so make sure to screenshot or write down the redemption code from the pop-up. 
  • Sign up for text messages. I know we are in the day and age where you dont want spam text and calls – but they do a really good job of only limiting it to about once a month and sending you codes you can actually redeem on the site! And if you are not into the deal – delete and move on. Easy as that.
  • I cannot stress this enough – make sure you are signed up for the Express Next Rewards program. If you shop there enough, it is worth it! I get vouchers fairly quickly here since I love not only the denim but the work attire too. Their trousers and blazers top notch!
  • Express is also one of the few retailers that still send mailers to your house – so wait for those. They come monthly they are always $75 off $200 spends. If you think about what you can get on sale, and add the coupon – you truly make out like a bandit there. 

Nordstrom Rack //

If you are in brand names and want them at amazing prices – do not count out Nordstrom Rack. There are some finds here friends. I have picked up a ton of Madewell, Kate Spade, Ben Sherman and Burberry Makeup products from here at some major discount prices. I love the shop the store more than then site because I like the hunt, but the size is just as good.

How to Shop:

  • I used to use the HauteLook app which was owned by Nordstrom as well, but they have since moved everything over to the Nordstrom Rack App. Get the app – its one of the better shopping apps out there. Its intuitive and really easy to navigat.
  • If you don’t mind wearing their in house brands (here is a full list of them) then you are in luck because there are the brands that typically have the best deals. 14th and Union. BP. Chelsea28. And Halogen, just to name a few carry great basics!
  • Shop their clearance. Many times a year – they host Clear the Rack sales that drop the prices extremely low. You can score Nike sneakers, sunglasses and handbags at prices that you never imagined you would be able to afford.
  • Sign up for their rewards! Why? Because whether you shop at Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack – the points are combined!


Thats it!!! Thats how to shop and save some money while doing it so that you can spend it on other amazing things like travel and more! Did I miss any tips that you would like to see? How do you shop and save?

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase from my recommendations.

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