The Secret Celebration – 40 Days to 40!

If you noticed that I went missing for about 40 days from the blog, it’s because I was up to no good. Mwah ha ha! For some background, I LOVE birthdays. If you had/have a birthday this year, your celebration plans probably changed. In our house, the mister was hitting a birthday milestone, so I had to think – what was I to do? I knew I had to make it extra special so I hatched a secret plan for 40 days of surprises leading up to his 40th birthday.

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Our original plan was to travel and see the world together with a stop in Spain to celebrate his big 4-0. Sidelined and bummed, this idea of 40 days to 40 became a reality very quickly. I planned little hand written notes for each day, making sure not to get too far ahead of myself in the case plans had to change (and they did!). I added small positive quotes for a daily reminder of how awesome he is and shared reminders from memories we’ve shared, recommended activities that he loved, and even sprinkled in small, thoughtful gifts from time to time.

I definitely had some accomplices in the planning, but for now I’ll keep their identities a secret. Here are a few of the surprises that he received over the 40 days:

  • Travel games for the few trips we had // This game was a HIT everywhere we went. We also taught our niece and nephew this one – great for math skills too. I’m going to learn this one, its new to the both of us.
  • A mended family heirloom quilt with new fabric added from our pup’s pillow fabric (she recently passed)
  • A few new silly things // This cool mug his students will love. A new + fun cookbook – we have already made some of these crazy recipes! An old fashioned glass for boy’s nights and our first 1000 piece puzzle (nailed it!)
  • Local sea glass art, a surprise Nespresso delivery, a few date night ins.
  • Birthday Video Hug  montage from all our family and friends and a delicious carrot cake for the win!

I loved watching him receive his notes every morning even though it was a ton of work to get everything in place. It was all worth it! If you have an opportunity to make someone’s day special – you should. ❤ Drop me a note if you have any questions (in case you’re planning something too)!

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TOP, I have this similar striped tee too! // JEANS // SNEAKERS // BAG (Marshall’s Find)

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