How To Wear a Skinny Tie

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Alright ladies, skinny ties or ties in general are not just for guys! Take it from someone who grew up working in restaurants the majority of her life and wore both ties and bow ties daily.

I adore a structured, masculine look that takes a feminine twist. Inspired by a tie in the mister’s closet (that I stole from him), I pulled together an outfit that would compliment this accessory. I originally intended to tie it in a traditional knot, but then I figured – let’s give it a twist! 

You can use a regular tie, but I preferred the skinny tie since the tail is not as wide and therefore it will look more symmetrical at the ends.


Here’s how you get that twisted bow look:

1 //  Put the tie around your neck as you would normally as if to tie a knot.

2 // Start to tie a bow like you do with your shoelaces.

3 //  Pull the loops through to the desired length on your shirt. I went longer to give it that old english feel.

4 //  Adjust the know so that the two ends hanging are about the same length down your shirt.

5 // Last but not least, my favorite detail. Invert the loops to give it that twisted effect.

What do you think – would you wear a skinny tie now? Don’t forget to subscribe to my posts for more tips and tricks to your inbox.






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