4 Chic Work Outfits Inspired by Harry Potter

I know what you’re thinking….what in the world from the Harry Potter series could you pull to make work in an outfit that doesn’t include a cape and wand? Right? Ok, keep reading.

Style and your day-to-day inspiration for pulling outfits together can come from all over your world. Whether it’s from the changing seasons, the monthly holidays, or even from an influencer that you follow – it can help you pull together pieces yo never thought to pair together. For me, I can get tired of seeing my clothes in the same light all the time, so I drew inspiration from the wonderful world of Harry Potter.

What I love about the entire movie collection was just how consistent the color palettes were for each of the four houses – Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. So instead of taking direct symbols and logos for my outfits, I wanted to share how you can take something you love such as a movie and translate it into your style!

GRYFFINDOR HOUSE // Maroon and Gold


img_1300Plum Blazer (s), similar style here // Similar Camisole Top (xs) // Pleated Maxi Skirt (2) // Layered Necklace // Black Crocodile Pumps

In the traditional robes and scarves of this house, the yellow is more of an accent color but I wanted to make it a larger part of this overall look. I imagine being able to wear this bright pleated midi skirt to the office one day and pairing it together with this plum blazer. I am obsessed with how rich the plum color is and thought it was a great way to elevate the look to a work friendly status. Finally, I tucked in a button detail camisole to bring a different dimension of yellow through the gold details and a gold layered necklace as the accessory. While I don’t own a pair of maroon or red heels, I think that the black pump looks great here too! I will definitely have to keep this pairing for a future (in person) meeting.

SLYTHERIN HOUSE // Green and Gray



Green Blazer (s), similar here // Similar Sweater Vest (xs)  // Pleated Midi Skirt (2) // Layered Necklace // Gray Suede Heels 

Ahh Slytherin – such tenacity in this house! Although one of the major characters from this house is the arch nemesis of the hero of the story – I wanted to add a more joyful outlook. Since the symbol of this group is a snake, I immediately went for the pleated midi skirt in serpentine to represent that theme. I love how the pattern is bold yet subtle enough to give the eye a chance to focus on the bold green blazer. Another beautiful gem color in a blazer! Clearly, I have a style I stick to. For some texture, I added a white sweater vest where the knitting enhanced the folds of the pleats and I think it helps to bring it all together. I kept the layered necklace the same from Gryffindor house because I wanted to accent the beautiful gold buttons of the blazer and boom – Helllooo Slytherin!

HUFFLEPUFF HOUSE // Yellow and Black



Similar Mustard Yellow Sweater (xs) // Similar Leather Skirt (s) // Chunky Chainlink Necklace // Gray Booties // Golden Snitch from my Instagram reel

You don’t hear much about Hufflepuff in the movies outside of their circle of friends that are in that house, but I am crushing on this color combo. The house colors are black and yellow and I wanted to make sure that I didn’t pull together a look that made me look like a bumble bee. I went with a deep marigold/ mustard knit sweater and tucked it into a faux leather A-line skirt. I added just a chunky gold chain necklace to give a little dazzle but keep it simple and clean. This made me feel chic but youthful! Also – how amazing are these booties???! I have been dying to wear this babies! Can you believe that I found them on the clearance rack at DSW? This is definitely an outfit can go from work to happy hour too!

RAVENCLAW HOUSE // Navy and Camel



Similar Cowl Neck Sweater (xs) // High Waist Trousers // Brooch (thrifted) // Silk Scarf // Blue Light Glasses (kelvin, tortoise) // Similar Navy Suede Pumps

Last but not least – Ravenclaw. This house plays such a significant role in the movie and has royal ties with a beautiful lost tiara that helps to save the day. So pulling together total boss vibes for this house was delightful. I started with camel sleeveless sweater tucked into a pair of high waist navy trousers. To turn up the sophistication, I tied a silk scarf under the cowl neck of the sweated so that the pop of orange complemented the darker blues.  The crystal brooch was a great accessory to add as a nod to the tiara from the movie. Who doesn’t like a little bling too? A work day isn’t complete without my favorite blue light glasses to tackle all those emails for the day.

I hope that you take this as a way to find inspiration from your daily surroundings or feel free to use this color palette to create your own outfits! I have linked many of the items that are still available for purchase or ones that I think are extremely similar to the look but most of these I already owned.

Thanks for letting me share my little corner of Harry Potter fandom with you.

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Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase from my recommendations.

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