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Halloween was never my strongest holiday. I am cut from the cloth of the “Martha Stewart” type of holidays that associate with paper crafts, scrapbooks, baking and decor such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day!

For Halloween, I am usually THAT girl in the party store approximately two nights before, scrambling for whatever is left to choose from. I stand staring at the wall of “sold out” stickers then huff and puff that the one I wanted is no longer available! (my fault of course for not planning sooner…duh!) I usually only have the choice of what’s left – the option between a bumble bee, a witch or a pirate of sorts. I proceed to purchase something decent and leave the store hating myself for not loving the costume.



This year I decided to not purchase one of the “bagged costumes” for a change and try to put my creative juices to work. “What do I have in my closet that could work as a costume?!”  After some research on Pinterest – Mary Poppins sounded like a fun choice that was within the possibility of execution. DONE! And I lovvveeee it!





The toughest part of the costume was the hat! I wanted it to look authentic without breaking the bank – so I had to get a bit creative. The daisies are hand made from construction paper (tutorial here) and the cranberries are beads painted with red nail polish. (Sally Hansen colors here)  And if you look closely – the flower stem is actually a green flex-straw so that I can move the back flower if I needed to. Nothing a little rubber cement and glue dots can’t do. 😉

After putting this costume together – I am so proud that I decided to do something different for a change. It was definitely a fun day at the office. I filled my carpet bag with homemade goody bags and made my rounds to the teams distributing the treats. I am excited and looking forward to DIY-ing a costume again next year!



I hope that you had a great Halloween weekend with more treats than tricks! Thank you so much for reading! See you soon!

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|Top: Express Button Up shirt, Red bow tie (available in 31 colors)
|Bottom: Express Skirt (currently on sale!), Chinese Laundry Tights, similar here
|Shoes: Nine West Nicolette Booties
|Bag: Signare Shoulder Bag (available on
|Accessories: Kangaroo Black Derby Hat, Umbrella, White Gloves

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