9 Luxe Accessories To Get Right Now (Under $50)


I love nothing more than to feel luxe without spending luxe budgets. My friends and the mister know that I love a good sale when I am shopping. Who doesn’t? You just feel like you get much more for your money.

So when it comes to accessories that are always trending and changes as quickly as the seasons – I try to look for items that look just as good or close to the style that I want and search for it through multiple brands and retailers. From there I can determine if the ‘looks like’ version is worth it. (especially since my accessories take a beating when I’m traveling!)

So here are a few items that I am loving and keeping an eye on for the changing seasons.

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase from my recommendations.


Patch Shoulder Bag – similar to the quilted Bottega Veneta bag minus the large chunky link gold chain for a strap. Love the light taupe color but black always works too!

Shoulder Bag – Hello Celine Shaped bag. I love the shape of the Celine bags with the circle bangle handle but its not within reach at the moment so this one is a perfect luxe looking option. I really like the green croc but the straw one has a fun summer vibe to it!

Blush Shoulder Bag – Love the gold detail here! Again – its a similar shape to the Celine bags but I like the hardware clasp here.


Knot Detail Waist Belt – It may not have the large V on it like the Valentino – but the cognac brown color is pretty close. Love how simple and chic it is.

Sunglasses – You all know I love me my target sunglasses but I love the gold trim around these frames. They are part cat eye and part hip! Similar to wearing a pair of Raybans but I wont feel as bad when I sit on them!

Felted Wool Hat – Every girl needs a hat that completely changes an outfit just by wearing it. I have a few more jewel tone ones but I really like this Beige option! It’s a classic look that will roll you right through the fall too.


Gold Chunky Chain Necklace – I have really been into the more bold statement necklaces recently and this is a great one to wear with anything in your closet. Add to Cart. Check!

Anklets – Bring ’em back. Let’s be the first to jump in and embrace these for those days where we are rocking slip on sneakers and booties.

Pendant Necklace – A necklace that is perfect for wearing alone or as a layering necklace!

What do you think of these accessories – do they look or feel luxe enough to you?

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