My New Favorite City // Seattle, WA

When I moved to Boston, I fell in love with the city lights and the view from the Mass Ave. bridge. There is just something about the vibe, the Citgo Sign, and the city lights that kept me here all these years (along with meeting my mister too).  I can’t imagine living anywhere else in the US – that is, until I met Seattle. Read More

How to Go From Traveling to Arriving // Seattle, WA


I was recently watching a video post by Hilary Rushford and it intrigued me. It was about traveling for work and how you never really feel settled when on the road. You are constantly living out of your suitcase, digging for items and garments every morning & night, and never feeling settled in. Never truly arriving. Read More

8 Things to Do + See // Burlington, VT


It has been raining all week here in Boston and there is a slight bite in the air. The chill reminded me of my trip to Burlington, Vermont so I wanted to share some of our favorite stops! Read More