How to Go From Traveling to Arriving // Seattle, WA


I was recently watching a video post by Hilary Rushford and it intrigued me. It was about traveling for work and how you never really feel settled when on the road. You are constantly living out of your suitcase, digging for items and garments every morning & night, and never feeling settled in. Never truly arriving.

What an interesting concept! She recommended to unpack everything as soon as you check in. Put your outfits, face care, accessories, shoes, etc. in a place that you can see it all. So I decided to gave it a try!

I prefer all my clothing to be hanging up instead of drawers and I immediately ran out of hangers. (I didn’t over-pack at all. 😂) The front desk at the hotel was extremely accommodating and provided me with additional hangers for my room. I laid out my shoes under those items, sunglasses on the window ledge, and face care by the sink area. Once done, my luggage was completely empty – ready to receive clothing that has been worn and needed to be packed back up.



The verdict – it was refreshing. I actually did feel like I arrived and settled in. I found after doing this a few times that it works well for trips that are planned for 3 days or more. My shorter travel days are tough since the window to unpack and re-pack is extremely short and it actually added more stress.

What do you think about this method? Would you try it? I feel a new sense of excitement to see my options all in one place and help me make better decisions about getting ready for meetings and events. Maybe one day I’ll take it one step further and pre-iron too! Lol



Until then. I dare you to ‘arrive’ somewhere – you might find a refreshing sense of belonging somewhere new. Thank you Hilary for the tips and tricks. ❤

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