8 Things to Do + See // Burlington, VT


It has been raining all week here in Boston and there is a slight bite in the air. The chill reminded me of my trip to Burlington, Vermont so I wanted to share some of our favorite stops! Burlington is one of those places that you can visit year round and still be amazed by its charm and beauty. During the New England winter months, the first instinct for my hubby and I is naturally to escape the cold and head somewhere warm – well of course, we did the exact opposite. We traveled from cold to colder. (lol)

Burlington is only four hours from Boston, and served as the perfect little getaway. Here are eight stops from our trip that we think you would enjoy as well if you ever decide to visit:

1.Ben & Jerry’s Factory
The factory is located in Waterbury, Vermont and is only about 30 minutes from Burlington. We decided to stop for the tour on the way up because who doesn’t love Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream?! You can smell the waffle cones from the parking lot and see the colorful entrance on top of the hill. Definitely take the tour, it starts every 10 minutes and see where all your favorite ice cream flavors are made. Be sure to taste the exclusive ice cream flavor at the end of the tour that is influenced by their employees. It is the only place in the entire world where you can have it – I had Sweet Sassafras (think rootbeer float with a splash of caramel swirl – yum!).

2. The Prohibition Pig
Just a few minutes down the road from Ben & Jerry’s, is a local brewery that is a great place for a pit stop. If there is a really long wait in the restaurant, don’t give up just yet. Step back outside and head around to the back brew bar. It has a smaller food menu but everything tastes just as good. If you can’t make up your mind, try the burger and the Brazilian stew. If you happen to fall in love with any of their beers – you can have a special one liter can made and capped to take with you to enjoy at another time. My mister ordered the Winter IPA and was able to enjoy it when he got back to Boston – such a treat!

3. Church Street Marketplace
In Burlington, head over to Church Street Marketplace and start exploring. Church Street is the cutest little cobblestone road lined with shops and restaurants on both sides. If there is one store that you must go in – please head into Ten Thousand Villages. It is a fair trade gift shop where all the wonderful pieces have stories and villages associated with each item. We found a few items in this shop that came home with us! After peeking in a few stores – make your way over to Sweetwaters Cafe and grab some red sangria and poutine. We decided to go to  Church & Main for dinner and it was the perfect little restaurant for our first night there. Start with one of the cheese breads and have a wonderful evening!

4. Uncommon Grounds
If you are looking for a great local coffee shop – Uncommon Grounds is the place to go. Order yourself a coffee or a hot apple cider WITH fresh dried raspberries – you will not be disappointed. There are many options of pastries to choose from for a light breakfast and plenty of seating for you to sit and enjoy your java at any time if day.

5. World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet
If you are in the mood for some silly sightseeing, you should stop at the World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet. Get your cameras ready because even though it’s a short stop, it’s a kitschy one nonetheless. Don’t judge me!

6. Magic Hat Brewery
If you are a fan of Magic Hat beer, the brewery is actually based in Burlington. The Magic Hat Artifactory is such a funky,cool space and the people there are just as fun. Step up to the concrete bar and grab yourself some tastings from the multiple brews they have on tap. Make sure that you take the official tour or walk yourself through the self-guided tour to experience all the creative items that Magic Hat has put together for their well-known events. Great photo ops!

7.Farmhouse Tap and Grille
Located back at the Church Street area in Burlington, Farmhouse Tap and Grill was a restaurant that we raved about to friends when we got home. There are a few items that you absolutely are not allowed to leave without trying: The Corn Bread and the Pork Burger! I cannot stress enough that these two items went into one of the most delicious meals we had in Burlington. Feel free to splurge on the onion rings too! Your taste buds will thank you for it.

8. The Skinny Pancake
Down by Lake Champlain you can order breakfast that is accompanied by delicious crepes. Walk right in, place your order at the counter and find yourself a seat. The staff here will bring your food and utensils to you when it is ready.  All the ingredients used at the The Skinny Pancake comes from the local farms and creameries and there is a listing on one of the walls with all the locations if you wanted to check it out. Make sure to try the crepe that comes with your meal – it is a light and fluffy delight!

So whether it is rain, snow, sleet or shine, there is always something to do when you visit Burlington. If I missed any of your favorite places, please let me know below so that I can add them to my list for our trip back. I hope that this will help you to start planning your Vermont trip of you have never been.

P.S. When I woke up, the clouds were forming from the lake and I was in awe – such a beautiful place to see Mother Nature at work. I had never seen such a thing!


Thank you so much for reading! Pleasant Journeys!

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