How to Get the London Look


Sometimes getting dressed for work can be overwhelming. I aim to look polished and professional yet still feel like myself. This week, I pulled inspiration from Britain and added a westernized twist. British style in the context of retail stores reflect trends seen at popular destinations such as Topshop, Primark and All-Saints. They offer a wide variety of of clothing at different price points allowing each person to craft their own style.


Here are a few great tips on how to dress with British influences, and if you want more information – I found that this article defined it the best:

  1. Wear Multiple Layers. 
    Investing in multiple jackets and outerwear accessories is the way to go. It is a fantastic way to keep warm while remaining stylish as you move throughout your day.
  2. “Punk” it out!
    Don’t be afraid to add some edgy pieces that you wouldn’t normally pair with your outfit.
  3. Rain, Rain, Go Away….
    Even though the weather in the U.S. isn’t as rainy – you can still accomplish the look with some classic pieces and waterproof options. You never know when you will need it.
  4.  “I woke up like this..”
    Don’t literally roll out of bed and go to work but there is a certain cache to looking not fully “put together.” Mix +match patterns and colors while throwing in some textures to achieve this look.
  5. Have Fun!
    Don’t forget to just be yourself. Your style is a very personal way of showing off who you are, so let yourself shine through the clothing.


I started with a bold print or pattern with this easy to wear dress. I also love that the stripes aren’t synchronized on the garment. The stripes meet in the center creating a great midpoint to draw attention to the waistline without adding a belt or accessory. I layered with a classic trench (Burberry style) that is perfect for the spring weather but also appropriate in the case of rain! A classic trench is definitely a staple for any wardrobe.

The beautiful cobalt Kate Spade handbag was a gift from my friend Shannon who recently moved to our UK office and is the inspiration for this post. (Thank you Shan! xoxo) Instead of fully following the “punk” consideration above, I went with a pop of color alongside the leather accents. The handbag perfectly compliments the blue gems from my statement necklace and the fun pom pom is right on trend with all the bag swag these days. Don’t believe me? Check out Rebecca Minkoff’s new line of bags with colored tassels and flair here.


A few months ago I shared with you my very first DVF item (posted here) – well I am excited to share with you my first pair of Burberry sunglasses!!! Quick Fun Fact: I have personally owned these sunglasses for almost two years and I was afraid to take them out and wear them because of the possibility that they will get ruined or wrecked. I am a working girl and it was a large investment for me – but what’s the point if I cant enjoy them right? So you will be seeing more of these puppies in future postings. Woot woot!


I hope that you are inspired to go out and try something bold + different for yourself and maybe even follow some British inspiration too!  Thank you so much for stopping by – remember to subscribe to my blog for my postings!

Jackie Signature

Top|| LOFT dress (similar here, save here, splurge here)
Jacket || DKNY Trench Coat (similar here, save here, splurge here)
Accessories || Kate Spade Handbag (gift), Burberry Sunglasses,
J. Crew Necklace, Dior Lipstick, Nine West Pumps

Thank you to Shirlz for following me around with a camera!

Author: Jackie

A marketing professional and lover of all things fashion and style, blogging on nights and weekends.

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  1. Love this post! There is something inherently sexy and awesome about rocking a good trench coat and you nailed it!!

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