My New Favorite City // Seattle, WA

When I moved to Boston, I fell in love with the city lights and the view from the Mass Ave. bridge. There is just something about the vibe, the Citgo Sign, and the city lights that kept me here all these years (along with meeting my mister too).  I can’t imagine living anywhere else in the US – that is, until I met Seattle.


Business meetings took me to Seattle before the pandemic struck. It eerily feels like a west coast version of Boston – maybe that’s why I love it so much. Each neighborhood has its own personality, its walk-able, the cafes and restaurants are loved by those who frequent it, and the people are just as cool.

When traveling, I tend to look for a few things to see and explore right off the bat:

1 // A cozy coffee shop
2 // An unforgettable restaurant
3 // Bubble Tea (duh!)
4 // A speakeasy or lounge with craft cocktails
5 // A boutique hotel

Seattle had all of this and so much more! I rounded up the places that I was able to visit below for you if ever get the chance to go for some options. Everything is broken into four categories: Explore, Eat/Drink, Visit and Stay.

I am looking forward to going back once we are able to travel again. (let me know if you have any questions!)


  • Pike Place Market // Get fresh flowers for your hotel room.
  • Modernist Cuisine Gallery // Fascinating Art, maybe because I worked in the kitchen appliance industry for quite some time.
  • Post Alley // Located under Pike Place, you may or may not find the popular Gum Wall there too!
  • Capitol Hill Neighborhood // Filled with art and rainbow crosswalks galore.
  • Pine Street // A great street to walk on that is filled with stores, coffee shops, and a nail salon or two if you need a quick manicure.




  • The Hart and The Hunter// Great food for a hotel restaurant and the bar is great. Always has a sweet playlist going.
  • Conversation // Delicious dinner options and fantastic craft cocktails, a more intimate experience for meetings or just eating solo.
  • Jack’s BBQ // Perfect for a casual, quick bite of American fare
  • Vineson Pho + Grill // Takeout Pho when you need your fix of Vietnamese food
  • Cinque Terre // Italian Food in a modern atmosphere – great for meetings.
  • Zig Zag Cafe // One of the best meals I’ve had – but give yourself time to find it!
  • Oddfellows Cafe + Bar // Food is phenomenal – gets a great lunch crowd too.
  • The Moo Bar // Bubble tea in a collectible glass jar and dessert options too.
  • Le Panier // Charming french bakery with coffee and many pastries. Sit along the rail and enjoy the quiet in the mornings looking at Pike Place Market.
  • Deep Dive Seattle //  A speakeasy style underground bar at The Spheres; get there right when it opens or you might be waiting in line a while.
  • Victrola Coffee Roasters // Sit by the windows if you like to people watch – its great! I went to the 3rd + Pine location.
  • Cafe An’Clair // Cute little coffee shop with a few places to sit and good coffee too!




  • Original Starbucks Coffee Shop // Get there early – there is always a line.
  • Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room // A must see for coffee lovers, even if you are not a fan of Starbucks. It is beyond what I ever imagined you could do with coffee, merchandising and all the varietals that exist. (pics below)
  • Amazon 4 Star Store // Everything inside is curated from Amazon’s top rated products. Lots of product though, could get overwhelming.
  • Amazon GO Store // You can  walk in, put items in bags, grab baked goods and walk out. It feels like you’re stealing – but you will get charged after the fact. Tip: Download the app before you go – you need it to get inside. You will get a charge/receipt after you leave in the app.




  • PaliHotel // Stayed here twice since I loved it so much! I’ll have change it up next time.



I have seen many parts of Seattle in a very short window of time and yet there is still so much to see and do. This is part of why this has become my new favorite city to explore. If you have been to Seattle and have any recommendations for me – please share them below! I will start adding to my list for the next trip. 🙂

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Author: Jackie

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2 thoughts

  1. The gum wall was so gross yet pretty? I went there for a work trip a few years back and had a great time. I can’t remember the restaurant I went to, but it was super pretty and overlooked the water. Would definitely go back!

    1. Completely agree. I hear that a few times a year – the city goes through and removes all the gum but then it just comes right back. lol If you remember let me know – that sounds like a great place to eat!!

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