The Glamorous Under-Eye Mask You Want During Quarantine


Late nights. Netflix. Harry Potter Marathons. Early Mornings. Lots of screen time. Bags under my eyes for days. Thank goodness for these eye masks that saved me.

I have been searching more often for masks of all kinds these days – face, feet, hands, lips, and eyes primarily. At this point, anything that allows me to have a self-care day at home is worth it. Being inside most of the day is taking a toll on my skin so these have been a great alternative for some quick spa day moments.

I came across these glamorous eye masks when searching on Sephora for some options and I’m not going to lie, the shiny foil immediately caught my attention. It has the WOW factor that brings a little fun to your self-care routine.



I put on my best super hero pose – cozied up to the mirror and tried it out! Wander Beauty makes these Baggage Claim Eye Masks in gold and rose gold options and they are as shiny in person as they look in the photos. All it takes is 15 minutes and the serum leaves your face feeling hydrated and looking a little brighter than before you used them.


  • They come in individually packaged pouches that are great to take with you on the go. I can see myself packing this into my travel backpack for future flights or hotel stays.
  • The masks are very lightweight even with the serum applied. They stick easily to your face without feeling like an adhesive.
  • The color + the shine!! Such glamour!
  • The removal was painless and easy. I didn’t have to pull it off my face like a few other masks that I have tried.
  • Left over serum can be rubbed into your face instead of wiped off.
  • My face felt brighter when I removed them and I didn’t have that goopy feeling from the serum.
  • It’s a great price for the six pack ($25 / 6 = $4.17 ea). That’s cheaper or even on par with some of the eye masks I saw on a few retail websites.



  • If you are going to use them on-the-go, have a tissue or napkin nearby. The inside of the pouch is coated in the serum so it can get on your hands more than you want when traveling.
  • If you smile – it does wrinkle a bit (for those of us that are a bit OCD). It doesn’t take away from its effectiveness – its purely visual. So if that drives you crazy, try not to smile for 15 minutes.
  • If you miss your girlfriends – ship them each a pouch and plan a zoom date with wine in hand for a girls spa night in.

Otherwise, I will keep my fingers crossed in hopes that Wander Beauty comes out with a confetti, glitter, or a holographic option in the future because that would make my day!

Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars


Thanks for letting me hang in my throwback PINK pajamas and squeeze in some pampering with you this morning. Have a great day!

Rose Gold Eye Masks 
Gold Eye Mask (option)


Author: Jackie

A marketing professional and lover of all things fashion and style, blogging on nights and weekends.

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