The POWER Palette – Black


There is nothing like a great piece of color to make you feel confident in your day to day wear. Some ladies have their own ideas as to what their power color is, but I know that the black on black schema is part of my personal ‘Power Palette.’




Black clothing comes in a plethora of shapes, textures, styles, and details that cover every category of garment and I love them all. Black denotes authority, elegance, strength and also a sense of formality. Though it contrasts extremely well with other colors – I love the way the black on black makes me feel.

The color black can be styled for a more delicate look for a black tie event or in a more structured look like a suit for a meeting. With casual clothing it can be sporty like with an Adidas sweatsuit or even great for a slimming silhouette. This look is a fun way to style the bulk and sweater texture with a more refined tuxedo style pant. Since the sweater has a wider edge, I wanted to tuck in a corner of it to draw the eye to the satin waist band detail without tucking in the full top. Call me old school (circa the 90’s) for the half tuck but I’m bringing it back! What do you think? What colors would you say are part of your power palette?

Have a great day today. Don’t forget to bring out your inner boss lady!

Jackie Signature

TOP: Loft | PANT: Laundry by Shelli (similar here 30% Off) | SHOES: Nine West |
EARRINGS: Aldo (similar here) | RING: Forever 21

Author: Jackie

A marketing professional and lover of all things fashion and style, blogging on nights and weekends.

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