Shop | Chanel – Mesh Espadrilles


Over the summer, I was inspired by a pair of black mesh espadrilles by Chanel I spotted in a magazine. They looked so comfortable, cute and versatile but unfortunately

the price tag was not as friendly to my working girl wallet. (maybe one day!) Read More

Shop | 10 Wardrobe Staples for Your Closet

10 Staples
The transition from college to the work force isn’t always what it seems. I think that the perspective I had as a college student was “as soon as I graduate – I’m getting a job! Read More

Shop | Hair Care 101

Shampoos and conditioners are part of our everyday lives but have you ever took the time to look at all the different kinds?


An aisle at your local CVS/pharmacy can have so many options – how do you know the right one to choose? How do you know if the one you use is the right one for you? Read More

Shop | Chloe & Isabel Summer Accessories

If you weren’t aware – I love accessories! I know that I can be picky about what I actually get so I definitely do take my time to find the right one. Its like a wedding dress – you just know when you have found the right one. Say yes to the necklace! (ring, earrings or bracelet too)


Companies dedicated to just accessories are becoming much more common place this day and age. I was introduced to Chloe and Isabel’s accessory line through an amazing blogger and friend – Kenzie at Read More

And The Winner is….


Thank you so much to everyone who entered the One Month Celebration Giveaway. You are all amazing! This was my first ever giveaway on the blog and it was really exciting to receive all your support and encouragement. I wish that I had a bracelet for every single one of you!

The winner of the Kate Spade Moon River Bangle, picked randomly is….Bianca J. CONGRATS!!!

Thank you again to everyone who visited and entered – Stay tuned for more giveaways to come on The Cubicle Collections.


Shop | Eye Shadow Primer

After my L’Oreal Colour Richer Palettes posting (here) I was asked – What is Eye Primer? I’m definitely not an expert but I do have some experience with eye primer.


Have you ever put on your makeup and later in the day you notice shadow creases on your eyelids? Or how about smudged makeup? Makeup meltdown? Or what I like to reference as raccoon eyes? (You know, when the black liner and mascara smudge above and under your eye so I look like a raccoon? No offense to the raccoon of course!) One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to apply a primer. The basic premise of eye primer is to keep it looking as fresh all day as the moment that you applied it and walked out the door.

What is it?

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Shop | Kate Spade Giveaway

Surprise!! Happy (almost) One Month to The Cubicle Collections!

My one month is approaching and I couldn’t be more excited! I was going to wait until Friday to do this – but why?! I know that a month isn’t the longest time but this makes me so happy. It started out as just an idea, a diary of sorts and has really evolved into something else over the last few weeks. My site has changed so many times since its launch and I couldn’t be prouder of where it stands today. There is more work to be done but in honor of this celebration I will be doing a giveaway for all my followers! You are all so amazing and I appreciate you.

Meet Kate. Kate Spade.

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Shop | L’Oreal Colour Riche Palette

Ok – Fab Find Alert!!! For all the makeup junkies out there – there is a new product to seriously consider looking at. One of the most popular eye shadow sets that are sold at Sephora and other similar beauty supply retail stores are the Urban Decay Naked Palettes 1, 2 and 3. It is a series of 12 eye shadow colors that give you the urban look with an impressive range of shades.


If it is a larger investment than you are willing to make at $54 a palette, I advise you to keep reading… Read More

Shop | 8 Tips to Get What You Want For Less

Don’t you just love when payday comes? What are you going to do with your check?! My first instinct is to go shopping…but don’t tell my hubs. (shh!) Yeah… yeah…I have bills to pay. Okay fine, he wins! Well if you are planning to go shopping without me there are ways to get what you want – at a lower cost.  Think of it as shopping smart.

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