How To Wear Pastel Colors

Jackie Portraits - South End

The more you see pastel colors start showing up on your feed, the closer we are getting to Spring. ❤

Well friends, here I am finally changing up the colors from my blacks and blues and jumping into something that is more delicate. While pastels are not groundbreaking in any way – they still seem to stand the test of time each year. I am actually seeing more pastel this year in collections and clothing launches than I ever have in the past. (Or is it one of those things where I see them because I’m finally looking?) These beautiful, muted colors are the perfect bridge to transitioning into florals, dresses and strappy sandals.

What better pastel color to start with than one my favorites – mint! I wanted to squeeze one more outfit out of this fabulous mint sweater so I paired it with the perfect pastel pink pencil skirt. (say THAT 5x fast!) I love the soft combination of colors that really lean more feminine than my normal day-to-day wear. Of course I had to go all out by adding beaded earrings to offset the mint up top and my mint bag to compliment the bottom portion of the look! Why not go all the way with pink braided sandals too right?! 

I love this color combo and honestly think that you can mix and match many pastels together without any rules! 

  • Yellow and Lavender
  • Purple and Green
  • Pink and Purple 
  • Mint and Pink
  • Pink and Yellow  

You really can’t go wrong with this color palette. So embrace the color opportunities and do it in a way that makes you smile when you’re walking out the door. I might have to do more of this before we switch seasons to summer! Would you wear this color combination?

Jackie Portraits - South End

Jackie Portraits - South End

Jackie Portraits - South End

Jackie Portraits - South End

Jackie Portraits - South End

Jackie Portraits - South End

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TOP // Similar Mint Sweater (xs)
BOTTOM // Similar Skirt (2)
ACCESSORIES // Beaded Earrings, Similar Earring OptionSimilar Mint Handbag, Braided Sandals (old BCBG), Sunglasses 

Photo credit: Kelsey Converse Photography

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