Are Designer Shoes Worth It?

Jackie Portraits - South End

Knock Knock.
Who’s There?
Jimmy Who?
Jimmy Choo baby!

(I’ll show myself out. lol)

Jackie Portraits - South End

Jackie Portraits - South End

Every shoe lover’s dream is to own a pair of luxe designer shoes and I now have a pair of gorgeous flats from Jimmy Choo to call my own.

The first time I ever saw these flats was actually at the airport. I was heading to a meeting in Chicago and there was a girl in front of me on the jetway with a pair of silver ones on. What really caught my eye was the sparkle so I squinted as much as I could to see the medallion on the heel (all while trying to not look like a crazy person). When I saw that Jimmy Choo was stamped in the heel, I immediately started looking it up on my phone and gasped when I realized the price point. Let’s be real – its not something that is typically in my financial lane, but I think that it was this moment that I told myself to start saving so that one day I could own a pair too.

Jackie Portraits - South End

Jackie Portraits - South End

Fast forward a few years later and here we are. I guess you manifest what you put out into the universe! Season after season, Jimmy Choo launches new colors in this style, but the pointed toe shape with the velvet bow is always part of the details! I snagged a purple pair and couldn’t be happier. They are also much more comfortable than they look too.

The leather of the shoe is a butter soft, Italian leather. I do worry that when I walk I will put a crease in these babies like I did my Nike Air Force Ones as a kid but they hold up really well. AND don’t worry about the sparkle, it doesn’t come off. I can already see the look on my mom’s face the day I decide to wear these home from the flashbacks of dance costume sequins and glitter all over her floor.

Overall – I know it was a big spend, but I am thrilled with this investment and can’t wait to wear them out and about this spring and summer! Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to wear them on a jetway too and inspire another person do snag a pair!

So are they worth it? Yes – if you are going to take care of them so that they can last years and years! The longer you have them, the better the value.

Jackie Portraits - South End

Jackie Portraits - South End

Here’s to a great week ahead!

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TOP // White Tee (XS), Similar Oversized Black Blazer (XS)
BOTTOM // Black Distressed Jeans, Black Leather Belt (old)
SHOES // Jimmy Choo Flats – Gold // Silver //  Pink

Photo credit: Kelsey Converse Photography

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