Three Reasons to Try This Lipstick


It’s 2021 and I think that this may be my year for lipsticks and lippie everything!

Last year, my girlfriend Kiki and I set out with a goal to try and wear lipstick every day as a way to bring girl power to the daily grind. I think that I did the first few days that week and then realized that most of my lipsticks were either expired or I didn’t have appropriate colors/shades for everyday wear. I owned pretty much just red, one neutral and a few deep merlot colors.

So this year, I want to add to my lipstick drawer and get some work appropriate colors that I can wear more often. Santa was really good to me this year and helped me to kickstart this plan. This beautiful Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick was in my stocking and love it!


Though most lipsticks go on pretty smoothly – there is something to this formula that makes it feel like cashmere on your lips. The color glides on with the gentlest touch and it feel moisturizing throughout the day. I have had days when my lips dry out in a few hours and feel chapped, this is not the case here since the lipsticks are enriched with papaya and orchid extracts. It feels really luxurious on!


The color options are fantastic. Many brands are coming out with 30+ colors these days so they are always difficult to select, but this portfolio is really fun and vibrant. This one is named The Queen! It’s a rosy pink shade that gives you that pop of color without crossing the line to being neon pink. I also own Pillow Talk Medium (warm berry pink) and that is the perfect version of nude for me for everyday. It’s what I wear is most of my photos on the blog.

I recently ordered the Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lip Wardrobe set as a way to try other colors before fully committing. These three minis came in Very Victoria (taupe nude), Pillow Talk (nude pink), and Walk of Shame (berry rose). What’s great is that these travel size ones will be perfect for packing for future trips.


Excuse me for inserting my marketing brain here, but I am a sucker for beautiful packaging. The lipstick tube is superrrrrrr glam. I have been loving rose gold more and more and the design of the tube is art deco (my fave!). Taking this out and about with you in your purse or clutch will be sure to catch some attention of other lippie loving ladies! Also, when the sun hits it just right, it shines with rays shooting out from the tube like a giant start. I mean…..swoon right?! I tried to get a close-up in the photo below so you can see exactly what I am talking about.

So what do you think of the color? Would you wear it?







Author: Jackie

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