Our Travel Wishlist for 2021

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While the world may not be fully back to normal yet, we are looking ahead with wishful thinking for getting back to seeing the world. I was inspired by @oliviajeanette’s blog and decided to list out our intentions too in hopes of getting to a few fun destinations this year.

One of the things that the mister and I love to do together is travel to new places and experience the authentic culture, see historical places and eat lots of great food. Though there have been some bumpy moments during travel because something is always bound to go awry – we always come back stronger after having to navigate an unfamiliar place together. Part of our travel routine stems from having no real itinerary but it always leads us to some great adventures where we come home with stories and jokes for days and days. Those memories are what we reminisce about these nights while we sit on the couch.  ❤

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A local choice may be a better option for us this year since we can drive and find a place that we are comfortable. Even though I grew up in New England, I have never been to Kennebunkport. We have driven close by via passing through to other places, but I would love to have to pick a weekend and just stay.


We have visited Camden, ME but Bar Harbor has come up in multiple conversations. So we have decided that it has to be on the map this year. It’s somewhere that we can drive to (pending that the state lets us in) but we have heard nothing but good things.


Is there any place that looks more charming than Savannah?! Its so full of southern charm in all its photos and full of life from our friends stories. The shades of pink, the flowers, and vibe of the city is one that seems so relaxing and down to earth. This has been on my list for a while and I hope that we get to squeeze it in at some point.


A town full of so much history, architecture and beauty – this one has been on my list for a few years now. For some reason, we just never get around to booking it, but if the world gets some sense of normalcy – we have to seize the moment!


Oh what a wonder it would be to see wine country. To have the sunset over vineyards while you eat amazing food and enjoy the slower pace. I am taking a big breath just thinking about how relaxing it sounds.


We have friends that grew up there, and it sounds like beautiful and serene getaway. Our friends have been talking about this area as a potential location to get away from it all and I hope that we are able to make it happen.

OTHERS // Denver, CONew Orleans, LA — Portland, OR  — Seattle, WA

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This was supposed to be the trip of 2020 to celebrate the big 40 and continuing our journey of seeing the world together. Unfortunately, that was changed when the pandemic hit, so I am not sure that this is even viable for 2021. If we get the opportunity to visit, I am definitely going to have a few places from the Dan Brown books in there aside from Barcelona, Madrid and Seville.


We have looked up Bermuda a few times. A few years ago when Zika hit the Caribbean pretty badly we were in a desperate search for a place to go that would be free of mosquitos and Bermuda kept coming up on the list. I know that its a place many couples go to enjoy a honeymoon – but I would love to visit.


Our closest friends go every year and every year we want to go too. They have it down to a science on where to go and what to do but it was never in the cards for us. Maybe this year, we will take the leap and venture down to see what this beautiful place is all about.


Finally got the mister to watch Crazy Rich Asians recently and that pushed our want to go – to a need to go! To see the amazing Marriott hotel featured in the movie, visit the beautiful gardens, have some delicious cocktails at some of the best bars in the world, and visit our amazing friends that moved there a few years ago.

As you can see, I added more domestic options in prep for not being able to travel outside the US as the world continues to battle this global pandemic. There are places that we would like to revisit for day trips too – but these are the new ones!

I am going to start adding and recapping some of our pre-covid adventures in case you start to think about what you want to do this year too! I may not look like a style blogger during these trips – but who cares?! I didn’t pack to be one. The world is a big beautiful place – go see it!

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