Holiday Gift Guide 2020 // For The Teacher

When I think about Gift Guides for this year, I traditionally think of gifts that are grouped for the beauty lover or for that techie in your life. But as I look around – nothing about this year screams traditional at all, so I’m going rogue!

Maybe I am biased because I live with a teacher that is super passionate about every little thing he does for his students and this year has been a roller coaster to say the least. I am continuously amazed by his commitment to learning behind-the-scenes, his ability to get students the education they need regardless of virtual or in-person teaching and his partnership with colleagues and the community to figure it all out. Teachers are truly amazing.

So this season, I wanted to make sure that they feel the gratitude too. Please make sure to thank your teachers and all the amazing people in your lives that are out there each and every day doing the best they can to navigate these times. I tried to find some unique and thoughtful things so please add to the list if you have more ideas below in the comments.

The mister is working through a Nespresso Advent Calendar heading into the holiday season! Such a fun treat for his daily caffeine fix. ❤


 – Holiday Gift Guide for Teachers –

SELF CARE //  A few ideas that help your teachers to check out and have a moment to themselves. Whether it’s only for a few moments to think or some time to pamper and take care – these are fantastic items that would go far. 

Mindfulness Word Search * – We have this and it is phenomenal. A few mins of tech-free checking out when needed.

‘Scentimental’ Candle – You can never go wrong with a candle!

Travel-Sized Hand Lotion Set * – For the days spent covered in hand sanitizer.

Blue Light Glasses* – Whether its remote or hybrid, these are our faves!


THE DAILY //Teachers are always coming and going so a few helpful tools for the halls and classrooms are always appreciated. 

Pocket Hand Sanitizer – Because …2020.

Stylish (Collapsible) Tote Bag  – For supplies that need to travel in and out of the school but compact and sturdy!

Key Smart Keychain * – Great for NOT touching doors.

Suede Mask Lanyard  – Stylish and worry free for masks.

Swell Water Bottle * – Hydration is always a good idea.


A TREAT //  Depending on how well you know the teacher, there are some items that are treats and outside of the ordinary but worth it.

Gift Card * – Great for helping with supplies and classroom materials. Amazon is a great option here!

Tazo Chocolate Tasting Kit  * – Yum! A local favorite business of ours.

Teacher Mug for 2020 – For all the caffeine needs.

Vine Box – also known as ‘Lesson Planning Juice’, lol jk. (obvi 21+ older) Super Unique – but fun!

I put an asterisk (*) beside all the ones that we have or have had in the past so they are Teacher Approved! Happy to share more details about them if you have any questions. Let me know below in the comment area.

Happy Holidays everyone!! 

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