My Honest Experience with Stitch Fix

Raise your hand if you have ever tried Stitch Fix subscriptions? I did too! Would you believe that this beautiful military style jacket came from one of those boxes?

The mister and I tried the Stitch Fix subscription boxes to get a few new pieces and items for our closet. We heard mixed reviews, but we downloaded the app and jumped into selecting our preferences fairly quickly. When the boxes arrived, we were so excited and of course we scheduled the boxes to arrive at the same time. Like kids in a candy shop, we would each take turns opening the box, ‘oohing and ahhing‘ at each surprise, reading the stylist note aloud, and putting on a five item fashion show to garner thumbs up or thumbs downs from one another.  It was a blast to share something like this together. 

Jackie Portraits Seaport

Jackie Portraits Seaport

Jackie Portraits Seaport

Stitch Fix Experience

Overall, he didn’t find much to keep outside of a new button up shirt and a new sweater.  We were very surprised to see that many of the items were ‘Stitch Fix’ branded or arrived as duplicates from the previous box.

Are Stitch Fix clothes good quality? For me, I was specifically looking for new jeans and a new top so the quality was decent. Of the total deliveries (3), I ended up purchasing a pair of Sam Edelman black jeans and a pair of STS BLUE denim jeans. I wear them constantly. The other item I purchased was this gorgeous Karl Lagerfeld Paris jacket.

As you know or are just learning, I am sucker for details like pockets and collars and structure. This military inspired jacket with the patch pockets and large buttons were calling my name — and I answered. The forest green color is absolutely stunning and the material is softer than it looks. The care of the jacket is dry clean only, but I am willing to care for it so it lasts a while.

I styled it here with a simple white tee (the same one I bought from here!) and these distressed denim boyfriend jeans for a classic outfit combo. Since the jacket brought a more elevated touch to the total look, I opted for pumps instead of sneakers here. A jacket like this can be thrown over a sweater and jeans, a blouse and slacks for work meetings when we go back someday, or a more casual look at any time. I found the link to the one on the Karl Lagerfeld site for you in the case you want it too!


– Fun new clothes to try on in the comfort of your own home that you might love and keep!
– An interactive app where you can slim down your options for your stylist.
– An introduction to some new brands that you may have not considered before.
– Having different stylists pick clothing, shoes and accessories for you.


– Stitch Fix branded items that were more expensive than some of the brand name items mixed in with up and coming labels too.
– Duplicate items that you rejected in a previous box delivery – which wastes one of the five items that are delivered to you.
– You lose your styling fee ($20 for each ‘fix’) if you don’t purchase something so you feel compelled to keep so the fee goes towards the item and not get wasted.


Is Stitch Fix worth the money? If you are looking to try something new and are not comfortable heading out to shop yet, its great for being in the comfort of your own home. Even though we did not have much luck with it, we have friends who swear by it and love their deliveries. I would 100% try it again in the future but maybe more for basics! Some items are completely worth it and others not so much, but its your choice to make.

Overall, the Stitch Fix boxes were super fun but after three deliveries, we called it quits. You don’t necessarily cancel your account, you just make sure that there are no other fixes scheduled. We were hoping that our stylists would have landed more of the style that we were looking for but we are glad that we tried it. Keep an eye out for promotions too, that’s how they caught our attention. Good luck!

P.S. This is not an ad or sponsored in any way by Stitch Fix. These are my personal experiences, thoughts and reviews. Just in case you were wondering. 🙂 

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