Finders Keepers – A 90’s Vintage Practice Tee

Huddle up team – I’m dishin’ on this vintage practice tee that I found.

Have you ever rifled through your family’s older items (or even yours) and find some fun old things from past trends?  If not, you should do it because you never know what you will find. I found a pair of throwback Fila sneakers that I had back in high school and this awesome football tee in my closet at home! With the revival of Champion wear and fanny packs – this vintage football practice tee from my high school’s football team fits right in. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was not from my tenure there but from when my uncle was on the team almost a decade prior to my arrival at the same high school. That makes this tee more than 25 years old! 

I’m rocking his shirt with pride. I wanted to give it the old school tribute it deserves so I paired the practice shirt with a pair of AG slim cut jeans and tied a plaid shirt around my waist.  Accessorized with modern oversized hoop earrings and over the knee boots too! Boom – and just like I’m back in the 90’s again. Cue the classic R&B playlist friends and Go Central Hilltoppers!!






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VINTAGE SHIRT – Central High School // PLAID SHIRT // JEANS // BOOTS // EARRINGS, similar Here


Author: Jackie

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