Jacket On, Jacket Off – An Effortless 2-in-1 Look and Five Tips for Styling Outerwear

From work hours to happy hour – this is an outfit that you can replicate time and time again without having to pack for the occasion.

If you liked my Two Ways to Style a Flounce Dress post – I hope this one helps too! This is a more casual and sporty look even though it incorporates a maxi skirt. When you add an espadrille sneaker instead of a heel or flat and change your blouse to a tee shirt, it completely changes the overall style. For my outerwear, I grabbed one of my favorite bomber jackets, but you can also do this with a denim or leather jacket for the same style effect.

There are a few ways in which you can style your outerwear layers – try each one of these and see which ones works for you. ( I put a star (*) next to the ones styled below)

(1) Put it On*  //  Wear the jacket like it was meant to be worn. I like to roll up the sleeves a bit for a sportier 3/4 sleeve look, but you can leave them down too.

(2) Drape It* //  The quintessential blogger look! Drape the jacket over your shoulders like a cape and be the superhero that you are.

(3) One Shoulder* //  I like to sometimes drape it on my shoulder like a shawl depending on the style of the jacket to make it look a little more high-end.

(4) Around the Waist  // Great for denim jacket outfits, I’ll style one for this fall for you soon!

(5) Off* // If you have been wearing one all day and need a change – remove the  outerwear layer. You can carry it with you on your arm or store it somewhere for later. 

What’s great is that its your look – so do it your  way. Find the style that makes you feel like a million bucks and run with it!

DSC_1224 (3)

DSC_1402 (2)

DSC_1166 (2)

DSC_1470 (2)

DSC_1280 (3)

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TEE (S) // SKIRT (2) // JACKET (old, similar HERE) // SNEAKERS // EARRINGS // DVF CLUTCH (old)

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A marketing professional and lover of all things fashion and style, blogging on nights and weekends.

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