Sweatshirt Behavior


To travel is to live. Some of my favorite memories are from traveling and getting to see what the world is like outside of my beautiful american bubble. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to see the world due to work but its great when I get some personal trips in too. My recent trip to Montreal was full of poutine, cheese, charcuterie, and maple flavored everything! I didn’t hate it – I was just thrilled that my clothes still fit by the end of the trip. haha



Menswear is trending this season and I took the opportunity to share a sporty, urban look that is more my speed.

I grew up resembling more of a ‘sporty spice‘ than ‘posh spice‘ in style prefrences and up until this point I haven’t really integrated my past with my present. I was raised on Arizona Jeans from JCPenney, Payless sneakers, and the most expensive thing I owned was a pair of Jordans my little brother got me from his job at Finish Line (which I still have to this day…) New clothes were a treat that came once or twice a year for the start of school and around Christmas time, so you learned how to take care of what you had.

Back in those days, I would rather be in a  sweatshirt than a dress and my hair tied up away from my face. I have since then changed my aesthetic a bit, but sweatshirts are still my go-to comfort zone garment. Having pieced together this outfit is a major change for me, and I love it. I mean…who doesn’t want to find a way to wear a sweatshirt to work?!



What do you think? Can I get away with this in the office?

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SWEATSHIRT: J. Crew, similar here and here  | BUTTON UP: White House Black Market |
JEANS: DKNY, similar here | SNEAKERS: Kate Spade, similar here|

Author: Jackie

A marketing professional and lover of all things fashion and style, blogging on nights and weekends.

2 thoughts

  1. Yes, you can definitely get away with it in the office. I love a nice comfy sweatshirt. I really love this one because it is unique and I love the color blue. I can definitely relate to taking care of the things we had growing up clothing wise. We got what we needed not what we wanted. Makes you appreciate things more.

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