A Modern Take on a 90’s Style Staple


Did you ever think that you would see sweater vests again? That’s right, that layered, throwback, sweater vest look is on the rise my friends.

As you know, fashion trends can be cyclical every few years (or decades) and I remember partaking in the sweater vest trend back in high school! Most of the options were more along the lines of argyle being the dominant print, but today they are more neutral and the shapes are more versatile. As a way to modernize but welcome this trend back with open arms, I went with a pastel blue color and cropped cut sweater. Most people are going oversized these days so that it can be styled with skirts and such, but this felt more business-friendly to me.



So of course I had to take it back to how I would have styled it back in the day and that is over a collared button-down shirt. I left the shirt out to extend beyond the vest rather than tucking it in and paired it with a boyfriend cut jean. While the jeans are not so work friendly, it can be easily swapped out for trousers or a skirt in this same exact look. For accessories and shoes, I stayed in the same color palette to keep it clean with my vegan leather powder blue bag and strappy sandals that tie around the ankle.

If this blue sweater is not for you, I have found a few other beautiful and really affordable options if you want to hop on this trend! 

Other Sweater Vest Options:

Rib Knit Sweater Vest (traditional length)  //  Oversized Sweater Vest  //  Flounce Detail Vest

Knit Sweater Vest Dress  //  Sleeveless Turtleneck Vest  //  Cropped Sweatshirt Vest




Would you bring this back and wear a sweater vest too?

Jackie Signature

TOP // Sweater Vest (xs), Button Down Shirt (xs)
BOTTOM // Boyfriend Jeans (2)
ACCESSORIES // Similar Vegan Leather Purse, Strappy Sandals (old) Similar Here, Similar Earrings

Author: Jackie

A marketing professional and lover of all things fashion and style, blogging on nights and weekends.

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