How to Style a Casual Camo Sweater

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Is it just me or does the weekend always seem to fly by so quickly. Its always Sunday night when I feel like I’m just feeling settled in before I have to start prepping for the week to start again. I say we petition for a permanent three day weekend – every weekend! 🙂 

So, let’s stay in that refreshed weekend mentality for a few more hours and live in this weekend inspired look. This is what I would be wearing if I were able to go somewhere to meet up with friends or for a night out with the mister. Boy! I cannot wait to do that again. I love this camo print sweater – it’s such a fresh take on that army vibe. 

I paired the sweater with my favorite pair of distressed boyfriend jeans that I may or may not have ripped a bit more on accident. Oops. Then I wanted a bit of color contrast at the waistline, so I added a fun knot belt in dark brown – I suggest using a brown versus a black belt here. Then for that final color pop to bring it all together, I threw on my new pair of brown suede shoes!! I mean, what girl doesn’t like a new pair of shoes? Especially a pair that you can wear right out of the box without having to break them in. You can wear any pair of shoes you like – strappy sandals or white sneakers could look really good with this too.

dsc_0512 (2)

I also adore how the different shades of tan and browns in the overall look work so well together. It only goes to prove that you don’t have to be afraid to mix shades in the same color family. The world has moved away from “matchy matchy” to lots of colors, textures, and patterns. Embrace it and have some fun.

Ok – deep breath in – deep breath out…… lets go do this! Monday isn’t ready for you.

PS. You can check out the Instagram reel I made for this look here.





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TOP // RD Style Conscious (similar here)
BOTTOMS // Distressed Boyfriend Jeans (4)
SHOES // Brown Suede Pumps
ACCESSORIES // Cult Gaia Dupe Bag, White Abstract Earrings, Brown Knot Belt (S)

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A marketing professional and lover of all things fashion and style, blogging on nights and weekends.

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