Finally, A Matte Eyeshadow Palette!


Eyeshadow was one of the first beauty products that I learned to use when I was growing up as a competitive dancer. It is one of the easiest to apply of all the items outside of mascara and there are so many color options that you can have some fun with it!

Imagine a 10 year old me with bright eyeshadow, thick black eye liner and false eyelashes on a stage dancing my little heart out with the rosiest cheeks and reddest lips. That was what we called ‘stage makeup’ so that judges can see your beautiful smile and face features from far away. These days, I am more neutral with my colors and have experimented with layering multiple shades for the day.

I saw Makeup By Mario pop up on Sephora one day with his new line of products and brushes and I was very interested in try it out. I loved seeing the versatility of the colors and a matte color is so different from what I already own with slightly more shimmer to it. I can now confirm that I was not disappointed.

Makeup By Mario – Master Mattes Eyeshadow Palette



Talk about a palette that works for every skin tone! This matte eyeshadow pallet may look a little too subdued at first glance, but this color really does pack a punch. I have only used it a few times so far and it does not take much product to get colors on your lids.

What’s great about this color palette too is that all the colors work extremely well together. So no matter how you mix and match for blending in – it all compliments very well. When your eyeshadow brush picks up the shadow, it looks like the normal powder-esque product, but in application, it feels very creamy and light on your skin. AND I didn’t have that fallout that I normally get on my cheeks  – amazing!

My favorite color combination so far has been the Matte 9 (rich red brown) all over my lid, Matte 3 (warm cream) to lighten the inner lid and Matte 1 (soft white) for just under the brow line to blend. Bellissima! I can’t wait to pull together more color combos. This is completely a zoom worthy product. ❤

Makeup By Mario – Master Eye Prep & Set


Take it from someone who used Urban Decay’s eye primer religiously – this is a contender!

This Master Eye & Prep Set is dreamy yet practical. The top two colors are the primer. It’s a solid cream that you can wear individually or mix together to get the shade that you want. This is designed for the instances where you might get tanner in the summer sun or you have a skin tone that requires a combo of the two. Find your shade by blending the two without having to purchase another product. Genius!

Tip: You want the primer to be slightly lighter than your skin tone top open up your eye area. I only used the lighter side for my recent makeup look – but I can’t wait to try both.

Then the long bar at the bottom of the palette is a translucent setting powder. Once you have applied the primer, you can now set it to move onto eyeshade. Mario also recommends using the setting powder on the go to take away the shine on your face!! I think he’s thought of everything….#justsayin So you can prime, prep your lid, use it to conceal or set your look. It comes in Light, Medium, and Deep – I have the Medium Palette.

Makeup By Mario – Master Secret Glow Highlighter



Remember when everyone became obsessed with the MAC Lip Glass – well here is the new obsession for your face. I love highlighter in general and wear it every time I put makeup on. It adds a whole new dimension to your face without doing much more than you already do with your current makeup routine. This is a luxurious highlighter that is sooooo different yet I liked it more than I expected to.

I was a little thrown off by the balm texture that reminded me of my lip gloss pods I use to carry in my school backpack as a kid. I immediately thought to myself  ‘this is going to be sticky…’ but again, I was wrong. While the highlighter has that texture of a balm, when you dab it on your cheek bones, it’s very light and not sticky at all. It gives you that ‘inner glow’ look that you want when the sun hits you just right. And its clear so it goes with all your looks.

When using this, dab dab dab it up and down from your cheekbones to your temple. I actually followed up with my BeautyBlender to spread it a little more evenly than my hands could do. Worked like a charm!

Final result – see below! A great ‘smokey eye’ alternative.

MakeupByMario_2021Feb_9 (2)

MakeupByMario_2021Feb_10 (2)

Overall – I highly recommend this palette and series of makeup products from Mario’s line. The quality of the products are top notch, the pigmentation of all the colors are fantastic and the price is great for what you get. 

I pulled together an Instagram Reel that shows me putting it on until the final look, you can watch it here! Let me know if you have any questions – I also linked everything below for you.

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase from my recommendations.

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BASE // Cream Concealer (ginger), Tinted Moisturizer (3N1Sand), BeautyBlender (BioPure)
EYES // Prep & Set (medium), Matte Eyeshadow Palette, Eye Liner (trooper), Mascara (waterproof), Eyebrows 
CHEEKS // Highlighter, Bronzer
LIPS // Matte Lipstick (warm berry pink)

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