A Business Girl’s Guide // Las Vegas, NV


Oh, Vegas, the city that never sleeps, aka the place that messes up my sleep hours with the time change. Hah! I have been to Las Vegas quite a few times and I always try to  find something new and fun to do. There are tons of shows, exciting restaurants, elaborately designed casino floors and endless coffee shops, there is truly something for everyone.

I have been there primarily for work these last few visits so I wanted to share a quick guide to the places in Vegas that could be helpful for a working girl. Whether you need to find a place to stay for yourself or a team, a business dinner to coordinate or a place to host a quick cocktail/ happy hour between events – I can say that these are some of my favorite go-to places when I’m in town.


  • Mandalay Bay // Further down the strip, but attached to the Luxor Hotel, so think of it as a 2-in1 for attractions and restaurants. Has a full scale convention center built in lots of dining options.
  • The Venetian // The Venetian Pallazzo is probably one of my favorite places where you can get a suite overlooking the strip and the perks of the Vegas life. Also convenient for trade shows that take place in The Sands Convention Center.
  • The Cromwell // A small boutique place to rest your head and perfect for a much quieter stay on the strip. No fuss – cool cocktail lounge – fun rooms and a great restaurant option.
  • The Aria // Stunning design and decor with lots of eating options. One of the comfiest beds I have ever slept in anywhere and also has meeting spaces to book.
  • Bellagio Rooms // A classic hotel that is expansive in size. Perfect for wowing a guest but can get overwhelmingly busy at times. Grab a room with a conference space in it if you have meetings rotating in and out with the team.



  • Mon Ami Gabi – Paris // One of my favorites for breakfast for work or play. A classic french feel with great outdoor patio seating for a nice day. Many options on the menu and extremely friendly staff.
  • Hexx Kitchen and Bar – Paris // Another place in Paris that is great for meetings. Contemporary decor, hearty options, and delicious cappuccinos. Away from the noise and has options for private tables.
  • House of Blues – Mandalay Bay // Huge Servings and no frills.



  • Giada – The Cromwell // Elegant dining space and amazing food options. Try to reserve one of the beautiful booths with window views or get a private room for a more intimate space. If traveling alone, grab a seat at the bar and get some apps and cocktails. A complete treat and one of my go-to options.
  • Hell’s Kitchen – Caesar’s Palace // Right outside of  Caesars by the walking bridge. There might be a bit of a wait, but the steaks are phenomenal. Pair with a glass of wine and watch the red and blue kitchen compete with one another all night. You won’t regret it.
  • SearSucker – Caesar’s Palace // Inside by the Casino floor. A casual restaurant with a sports bar feel. Fantastic place to take a team post event for drinks, apps, and a few burgers – not over the top but still a great option.
  • Fixx Restaurant and Bar – Bellagio // Very unique menu and experiences such as cooking your steak on a hot rock. (You read that right!) A little louder than most places and seats are packed closely together – not an option if you need to talk business.


  • VanderPump Cocktail Garden [Caesar’s Palace]  // A dreamland built into a garden that happens to serve cocktails. Love the decor and the food is great! Make sure to get dressed because everyone here looks fabulous!
  • 1923 Bourbon Bar [Mandalay Bay] // Hidden behind a stairwell next to an antique car, a Vegas speakeasy for post dinner drinks and night caps.
  • Hazel Coffee and Cocktails [Mandalay Bay] // One of my absolute faves! Perfect for any time of day. Spend all day here if you need to and go from coffee to drinks seamlessly.
  • Foundation Room [Mandalay Bay] // Rooftob club with drinks and DJ. Get your dance on and take in the views. Love that you can also see all the planes coming into the Las Vegas airport at night too.
  • The Dorsey Cocktail Bar [The Venetian] // Swanky Art Deco Style bar with amazing drinks and perfect for hosting special events.




  • Blue Man Group – Luxor // One of numerous shows that you can see in Las Vegas. Check before you go to any show or even buy them the day of if you’d like. A great way to hang with your team and bond over a show.
  • The Fashion Show Mall // If you forgot to pack something or want to add to your wardrobe while you are there, swing by the mall. Ask to be dropped off at the Macy’s entrance – because the Uber can turn at the corner and there is a pickup zone there too. If not, you are in for a long ride and large bill to expense. Yikes!
  • The Forum – Caesar’s Palace // Want a shopping experience that is in full Vegas style? Walk the forum and shop all your faves in one place.



  • Wear Flats or Comfy Shoes // Everything looks closer than it really is – so be ready to walk everywhere unless you want to uber all day long.
  • Carry an External Battery Charger // For your Laptop. For Your Phone. Anything that you will have on you all day – getting back to your room when you need it most…. isn’t always an option.
  • Make Reservations // Whether you think you need it or not, I can’t tell you enough the amount of times having a reservations has saved me from embarrassment. Either a party of 10 or a party of 2 – grab a time slot in advance if you can. If not, try to grab a slot on your way over, it helps to save on wait list time.
  • Travel Sized Moisturizer // Due to the dry heat out there – you might crave a little hydration whether for your face or your hands and you bounce around from meeting to meeting. Put it in your bag for those moments!
  • Hand Sanitizer // Pack a mini bottle in your bag now that we are in the time of the Rona (if you are still traveling for work). It will be useful for any time you may feel uncomfortable and aren’t able to immediately wash your hands.
  • Washable or Disposable Face Masks // There is no doubt that you want these, but if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of washing them each night, bring the disposable ones so you can toss them. If you’re stepping out for a meeting or the day, pack one or two extras in your bag.

As I shared in other travel posts, these are all places that I have been myself and can recommend. I know what it feels like to plan meetings and dinners for a group – it can get stressful – – so feel free to reach out with any questions at all.


Good luck on your next trip to Vegas – I hope that this helps you find some new options.

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  1. so cool, thanks for sharing your experience and tips in Las Vegas eheh and in all the other american cities 🙂 stay safe and cheers from Portugal, PedroL

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