My Two Go-To Items for That Flawless, No Makeup Glow


I sometimes watch those awesome beauty bloggers put on their makeup and I am amazed by some of the transformations – but then I realize that I do not have the time for that many steps (or the patience). I am always bound to mess up something along the way and have to start over – so that would make for a long day!

BUT I still want to cover up my dark spots and blemishes before jumping on a call, so there are two items in my makeup arsenal that I pretty much wear everyday. These two lifesavers give me light coverage but also makes me feel like I am wearing no makeup!


1 // Nars Radiant Concealer – Ginger

Don’t be fooled by this little concealer tube. Talk about being a ‘small but mighty’ beauty product. I have used this concealer for years. I mostly use this for key areas of my face to brighten and conceal. Using the small brush applicator, I apply under my eye area (you know, dark circles), between my brows and where my chin meets my bottom lip too. 

A little bit of product goes a long way with this one. The concealer has a nice velvety cream texture but evens out pretty well. You expect it to be thicker when done, but I am always pleasantly surprised by how naturally it blends in. I know that most makeup artists recommend that concealer is applied after foundation, but this backwards application has always worked for me. 🙂 I use Ginger – medium skin with golden undertones.


2 // Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer – 3N1 Sand

This has been my favorite purchase of 2020! I bought this tinted moisturizer at Sephora right before everything shut down for a work trip and I have not put it down since then. What I love about this formula is how lightweight it goes on and blends together to even out my skin tone. It also has 30 SPF built in and as we know, that is great to everyday wear and management. It’s literally like wearing face lotion.

Yes I know that the coverage is not like a foundation, but for me I like that you can see my scars, my bumps, my acne and other characteristics of my face. haha It makes me who I am so this natural glow is what you get ladies and gentlemen! No filters. No spot correcting. Just me.

To apply both items, I only use my hands and a beauty blender to get a base and then the rest of my makeup can happen after that. Honestly, this entire 2-step process takes me less than 5 minutes to do. I always have backup product ready to go in my drawer or in my Sephora cart because I do run out of it a few times a year. These two are worth every penny.

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So if you think that you need oodles and oodles of layers to look great before your day can start – please know that you don’t. You are beautiful and you should embrace the uniqueness of you.

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase from my recommendations.

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EYES // Nars Shadow, Kat Von D Ink Liner, Buxom Mascara
EYEBROWS // Anastasia Brow Definer
FACE // Nars Ginger Concealer, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, Becca Champagne Pop Highlighter, Too Faced Bronzer
LIPS // Chanel Lipstick (No. 99 Pirate) , Fenty Lip Paint (uncensored)


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