How to Spotlight The Delicate Details

When the phrase ‘attention to detail’ applies to your resume and yet, is also applicable to style and fashion too.It feels like midnight around 4:30 PM everyday. Woof! That daylight savings time really does take a toll on your motivation –  hit you out of nowhere, doesn’t it? 

I am combatting those gloomy feelings by dressing up for work and focusing on the details that make me smile. This head to toe look is fairly simple is pull together with the classic black on black approach. Whether you have a coordinated suit or separates like I used here – you can get the look! This set is a long blazer style coat coordinated with a cinched ankle pant I recently purchased from LOFT. Doesn’t it look like a beautifully tailored suit?! 

The shining star is a  scallop lined button up blouse that gives it that touch of chic! I can foresee this shirt being styled and restyled again for for years to come – so long as I don’t ruin it. The elegant scalloping runs the entire seam of the blouse, around the collar and lines the cuff sleeves too. I pulled the sleeves through the jacket so that it gave the blouse a peek-a-boo effect but also a contrast in color against the blazer.  

Last but not least, I do love another detail of the outfit that is not so prominent but still gives me that wow! It’s the splash of pastel pink from the inner living of the jacket that adds the texture that I enjoy. You can only see it when there is movement, but it makes me smile. Finish off the look with great accessories and a killer pair of black pumps and boom – a go-to office look for any day of the week!

DSC_0326 (2)

DSC_0322 (2)

DSC_0307 (2)

DSC_0288 (2)

DSC_0330 (2)

Girl Boss coming through – watch out!

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Top // H&M Scallop Blouse – (S), similar HERE
Jacket // H&M Blazer Jacket, Similar HERE 
Pant // Loft Slim Ankle Pant
Accessories // Quay Blueprint Sunglasses, Kate Spade Bag, Nine West Heels

Shoutout to the mister to being my blogtographer. 

Author: Jackie

A marketing professional and lover of all things fashion and style, blogging on nights and weekends.

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