4 New Sweaters For Your Everyday Wear

Stacking your closet with new sweaters is never a bad thing heading into the colder days.

If you fight over the thermostat like we do in this household — then I feel your pain! The mister prefers the house to be much colder than I would and typically the solution is to layer up! Even though working from home has its perks, when it comes to taking personal style a bit more casual in the home office space, a sweatshirt just doesn’t feel right for the day-to-day. So, a sweater (and blanket on my lap) is how I plan to get through the winter around here. What about you?

If you are looking for a few new sweaters for this season, there are the ones that I just added to my closet. I can’t wait to restyle these for you!

RIB TRIM PONCHO SWEATER // Dark Eucalyptus Leaf

This sweater is available in a cream color as well but I was immediately attracted to this beautiful green. The poncho fit is extremely comfortable and flattering for working from home — a perfect add to the closet for casual attire.



I got a similar v-neck cut sweater last year in black for the first time and surprisingly fell in love with it. I wear it quite often so I figured why not get another one for this year? This is a thicker fabric than I expected, but I am a fan of the coziness.



Yes yes yes to this high neck sweater! If you have been following me for a while,  I have an affinity for high necks and collars so this is no surprise as an add to my closet. It is speckled with black, gray and blue spots that remind me of confetti – how could I not grab this one too?!



Color is so fun to add to this season! This is an untraditional color outside of the immediate fall color palette but I’m all about it. I tend to avoid blending in and following everyone else’s lead. (hahah) You can see that I already paired it here with this awesome floral midi skirt and am looking forward to wearing it again.


I am excited for all these beautiful sweaters to make their way into my daily stylings! As you can see from all my links, I do shop LOFT quite often. I appreciate that they have a wide assortment in styles, colors, sizes and price ranges that fit everyone’s needs and these are not posts sponsored at all. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about these sweaters, happy to share more details.

P.S. Please excuse the blurry pictures, still learning to take photos on my own and I will get better!! 

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