A Gift Guide for National Boss Day

If you have a great boss and mentor in your life and want to show them some love – here’s the day to do it!

Nowadays we get to celebrate National cupcake day and National coffee day – so why not celebrate your boss? I have been very lucky to have a few great mentors and leaders in my career that have helped me to shape my outlook on managing people. It is a true honor to be able to positively impact someone’s life and future career as a boss and as a friend. I hope that the people I manage become everything that they want to be and more! (my job is to help them see the ‘and more’ part)

National Boss Day is on Friday, October 16th this year so if you are not prepared, here are a few gift ideas that your boss may appreciate. It doesn’t have to be a large gesture, just a token of appreciation is far beyond anything that they expect.

I have received this mug in the past from my team and I still use it to this day. (below) I’m a lucky lady!


So I am excited to bring you my first ever gift guide – I hope that you find it helpful. (Don’t forget to account for ship time too.) You can also send a card or a text, just make sure to thank those that have helped you get where you are today, boss, mentor, leader or friend.

Gift Guide for National Boss Day 10/16

STATIONARY //  Who doesn’t love new stationary options? There are so many great items that can be personalized or feel very premium without you having to spend premium dollars. These are practical and thoughtful and perfect for any leader.

Moleskine Personalized Notebook

Rifle Paper Co Writing Pads

Inspirational Pens

Paper Weights

TECH // Because who doesn’t like a new tech toy? In a world where we are not sure if we ever have to just pick up and go, these three items are perfect for use at home or when life goes back to a new normal.

Anker Power Bank

Laptop Sleeve

USB Keychain 

HOUSEWARES //  Cheers! Whether its coffee, tea, or wine that you boss enjoys or a great candle for relaxing after work hours, you can’t go wrong with something that can be used all the time.

Luckiest Boss Mug 

Yeti Wine Cup

Cashmere Plum Candle

Wine Bottle Labels

FOR HER // I know these lean more towards the girl boss with the design – but I can’t help myself. These are fun, chic, kitschy and perfect for those that you have a great relationship with.

Kate Spade Lunch Bag + Tumbler

Girl Power Socks

Girl Stop Apologizing Book

I won’t give away the surprise of what our team selected for our boss (in the case that he is reading this) so I can update this post after National Boss Day! Have a wonderful week.

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