3 Try-It Sample Shades // Laura Mercier Lipstick

Looking for a new lipstick – but aren’t sure how the colors will look on you? No worries – I gotchu!Shades: Nu Prefere (top right) // Rouge Ultime (bottom left) // L’Orange (bottom right)


I love getting samples with my beauty purchases and this Laura Mercier one came with my recent Sephora package. The samples are for the Rouge Essential Silky Creme Lipstick line and the three colors were different enough to get a feel for their product quality and color options.


Here are the colors that came with the sample:

(1) Nu Prefere // pink brown

(2) Rouge Ultime // blue red

(3) L’Orange // pumpkin coral

The Nu Prefere wasn’t a bad option – but not quite my color. The pinkish brown looked more like a baby pink on me, but could be a great nude color for you if that color pallet is in your wheelhouse.

The L’Orange is like a bright flamingo pink more so than the orange that the name would suggest. I was surprised to see that liked this shade more than I thought I would. A great color for a date night or girls night out this summer.

Of the three options, I would have to rank the Rouge Ultime as my favorite. It was velvety and I love the intensity of the red color. Every girl needs a red that makes you feel confident and powerful – and this is IT!

Which one would you choose? Let me know if the comments below.


Here’s to finding a lipstick that makes you feel GREAT this summer!

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