New Year, Who Dis?


It’s officially 2019 and now that my free trial month (or two) is over, lets kick things into gear!

Every year, I hear the same saying, ‘New Year, New You.’ What’s wrong with the current you?

Nothing is wrong with you! The new year brings all the resolutions and goals that we want to achieve in the next 11-12 months, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be a new you, just be YOU. With the last few months away from the blog, I have had some time to reflect and think (per my usual time of the year). The holiday season is always the most stressful time at the office and I go MIA from friends. From family. From all of you – and 2018 was the hardest of them all.

New Year_3

Slowly through the earlier months, I had self-doubt creep in, and boy, can that be a passion killer. I didn’t ever think that I would let that kind of negativity in, but I got a heavy dose of it. I started to compare myself to all the other bloggers, their sites, their photos, their social media presence and it ate away at me. I questioned everything and it felt like I had failed you all. I actually considered ending the blog at one point…but realized that I just missed it to much to let it go.


New Year_1

I set out to create a positive space where I encourage you to be yourself and love your life, but I was moving further and further from feeling like myself and that didn’t feel genuine. So my commitment to you for 2019 is to just be ME.

Be Sassy. *finger snap*
Be Wildly Creative.
Be Silly as Ever.
Be Ghetto Jackie. (that’s a real thing.)
Be Positive.
Be Girl Boss Confident.
Be Compassionate to all.
Be Thankful Every Day.
Be Consistent.
Be Good to Myself.
Be Present in the Moment.

My wish for myself is the same wish for you. To JUST BE.

Thank you for all those that reached out during my hiatus from TCC. Some of you I know personally and some I know via the blog community.  Your caring words and thoughts meant the world to me and has been the driving force of why I want to get back to this. So CHEERS  *glass clink* to hitting the refresh button in 2019 and going after all that we deserve. So who dis?? Dis is ME.

Go get ’em!!!!


Jackie Signature

JACKET :: Vince Camuto | Similar here and here
JEANS :: Hudson (sizes 24-32)
SCARF:: J.Crew Factory | Other Options here
SHOES :: Steve Madden | Similar here and here
BAG: : Pixie Mood – Alicia Tote – Praline



Author: Jackie

A marketing professional and lover of all things fashion and style, blogging on nights and weekends.

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