How to Fit a Workout into the Workweek


Who made goals for their #gymlife this year? (raises hand) I know I did! The onset of the new year tends to be one of the busiest months for most gyms and many workout venues but then it starts to taper off after the first two weeks. There are many reasons as to why : the workload picks up at the office, it’s too cold to go workout, it was a long day and home sounds better than the gym… trust me, I’ve been there too. Scheduling exercise into a workweek can just feel like a whole ‘nother level that you don’t want to get to right now. Tell your inner voice that you are going to push through!

I have found a few ways that have helped me get my routine in order and keep me going back even after the January hype has worn down. Here are a few ways that you can get your #beastmode motivation before all that snow melts and the sunshine sways you back to the beach.


1 | Pack a Bag (the night before)

Waking up and packing a gym bag in the AM before you run out the door doesn’t usually work out to plan. If you’re anything like me, I usually have 40 minutes or less to get my act together in the morning. If you have more time – more power to you girl!

Instead of having to muster up motivation after making your first cup of coffee or tea, get all your essentials ready the night before so all you have to do it grab the bag and go! Pro tip: Leave the bag by the door so you can’t leave without it. It makes all the difference when you don’t have to think about it.


2 | Go with a Friend or Group

Schedule time to meet in the morning, during lunch, or at the end of the day with a gym buddy. Whether it’s with one person or a group, there is someone that can keep you accountable and make it fun to go work out. My gym buddy is Maria and she makes sure that I get to our Body Pump class once a week! Thanks Maria – you are my rock!

Thankfully, my gym has an app where I can schedule the class and once it is on the calendar, I am typically more compelled to stick to it. I hate feeling like I have to cancel a class without a good reason – this internal guilt trip dialogue is perfect for keeping me on time and on schedule.


3 | Set a Goal that Works for YOU

Your goal can be anything! It can be to shed weight, run a specific distance, to attend the gym ‘X‘ number of times a week or to be able to participate in an event such as a 5K race, dance-a-thon, or a bar hop – make it fun so that you feel great when you hit your goal! Erica of @theblankcanvascompany ran a half marathon this fall after recovering from surgery! Her dedication to building it one step at a time was so inspiring. You go girl!!

I recommend starting small by setting a reasonable goal – if you set yourself a lofty goal be okay with not meeting that goal right away. You’re not a failure – you’re just getting started. Take small steps and build up to your big goal. I work the same way, I start with 1x a week and when I feel like it has become ingrained in my schedule (and a habit), I add another and make it 2x a week. It’s amazing how quickly this routine just sticks!


4 | Feel Good in Your Gear

Nothing makes me feel better than my workout attire – it gets me all pumped up and feeling like I can conquer anything ( even the treadmill.…). I like to be comfortable and confident with what I have on. So whether you enjoy being in shorts and a tee, sweatpants and a sports bra, or yoga pants and a tank – wear what you feel good in. I used to be all about the sweatpants over my shorts (a cheer thing) but more and more I lean towards the yoga style pants in a capri or full length cut.

Be sure to warm up – I always wear an additional layer like a zip up or a sweatshirt until I feel I’m ready to sweat it out without the layer. This “BOOM” sweatshirt is light, warm and perfect for layering. It also helps that it is from one of my favorite apparel companies – Happy Bombs. They have positive impact clothing in rotation that sends a portion of proceeds to charities and currently have a line of tees with Rebecca Minkoff that I am drooling over.  Project 100 is full of #girlpower and #girlboss status! Can’t wait to get my hands on one of those tees!


5 |  Change it Up

When you start to feel like your workout is getting stale – MIX IT UP! I am no gym rat, but I wish that I was. I love taking group classes since I am basically trapped in the room for an hour and I won’t give up as easily when other people are watching. Let’s face it – its the truth! I have no will power when I am left to my own thoughts. I have tried yoga, body pump, pure barre, and formal dance classes. I am thinking of adding other options such as rock climbing and spinning too!

It also doesn’t hurt to have a home workout option. For the days that you want or need to head straight home – have a short exercise plan that you can do in the comfort of your own space. It can be 10-20 minutes but stay active. The moment that you let yourself have a day off, it can turn into multiple days or weeks before you know it! I’ve been there.

” You have a choice. You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat off your face.”Unknown

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SWEATSHIRT: c/o Happy Bombs   || BOTTOMS : Reebok ( similar here)
SHOES: New Balance || BACKPACK: Steve Madden (similar here and here) ||
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