Floral Touches + Seamed Tights


Flowers are almost in bloom and skirts are making their way into closets everywhere. I may or may not have gone overboard a bit with my skirt purchases in preparing for the season at my recent LOFT Spring Style Event, but you only live once right? Last post with snow – promise! (haha)




This week’s outfit is influenced by a beautiful floral clutch that I picked up at TJMaxx. I love the delicate print that resembles a retro wallpaper with that classic and subtle color, it has a worn out finish and reminds me of an old school newsletter. The center gem is the perfect touch of sparkle but it maintains functionality by serving as the lock. Chic and functional is right up my alley and I linked a few options for you too.

  Esme Floral Clutch Lucia Floral Crossbody Clutch- Black

Oriental Blossom //  Esme Floral // Lucia Floral Crossbody



Now lets get to the stockings…or tights….or nylons?? My grandma would call them nylons, do people still call them nylons?! Anyways, I have been eyeing a pair of these seamed tights from Wolford and finally just splurged on a pair.  The seamed tights are a bit tricky to put on since the seams do shift and can be difficult to keep straight, but I found that The Gloss covers how to maneuver this well. They make me feel like I am on the set of Mad Men. (I know its the wrong decade but that’s how I feel!)

What do you think? Should bring ‘nylons’ back? 😉

Jackie Signature

Top || LOFT blouse, similar here
Bottom || Ann Taylor Skirt (old), similar here
Outerwear || DKNY Trench, similar here Accessories || H+M Scarf, similar here, TJMaxx Floral Clutch (links above for similar), Wolford Tights

BOSTON EVENT ALERT: Lilac Sunday will be taking place here in Boston at the Arnold Arboretum from 10-3pm on Sunday for Mother’s Day (5/14/2017). It is a daylong celebration where you can tour the lilacs and other special collections, participate in family activities and there are food vendors for all your cravings. A great day for a walk in the park with beautiful flowers and trees, if you’re interested!

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A marketing professional and lover of all things fashion and style, blogging on nights and weekends.

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