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Work can get to be hectic at times, if not all the time, and the first thing that I tend to do is stay later at the office to try to get ahead. We have all done it at some point!
Whether you are working to meet deadlines, have an abundance of tasks to complete, or wasn’t as efficient during the day as you hoped to be, you dip into the hours of your personal life to compensate.

As a manager, I believe that it is just as important that keep your team in focus and help them to maintain a work-life balance. I find that the teams are much happier and joyful at work, more productive and creative with their solutions, and more open to seeing the big picture of the business. It is crucial to everyone’s overall success.

Today, I am sharing three ways that I help my team to have more balance:

Focus on the outcomes, career path, and accomplishments.
Sit with each person and get to know what they want to do with their life and career. As much as we don’t want to think about them ever leaving you, you job as a manager is to make sure that they are successful here as well as in their future endeavors. I always say to my team, ” It’s not about if you leave, its about when you do. It is my job to make sure that you are ready for that next step in your career whether here or elsewhere.” As long as you as a manager understand that, this talk is easy!

Be proactive about breaks!
Great teams don’t want to disappoint so they will work hard until the tasks are completed, but it is important that they have time to eat, check out and recharge their productivity batteries. No one person can work 8 hours straight through. Encourage your team to step out for some fresh air on a beautiful day, grab some lunch and eat away from the desk, or surprise them by kicking them out 15-30 minutes early at the end of a week. Work will be always be there. Just think of how you want to be treated and do that.

Get to know your team as individuals.
One of my favorite times of the day is the morning when I ask the team about their weekends or their plans for the week. I love the stories and adventures that they share and appreciate that they share that part of their world with me. We recently played the game ‘Four Corners’ and it was the perfect ice breaker to a team meeting. I learned non-work related bits about my team and we had great laughs and discussions that stemmed from this activity. The connection was extremely valuable.

However you decide to foster a work-life balance environment, it has to be kept top of mind.  Your personal manager viewpoint is always a work in progress. My road to management has been littered with multiple trials and errors, but I know that it is all part of the process of finding and earning my voice. What do you do to maintain some work-life balance? Does it help?

I recently wore this outfit for a presentation and I loved how it made me feel. The look is confident yet casual, but still allows my individuality and style to shine through. Check in later week as I share how I create that work-life balance for myself.

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  1. Only if this were the case. I don’t think many companies work like this sadly, but it would be good if they did!

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