Pleated Collar + Tassel Flats


Dressing for work is difficult for me in the early mornings…lets just say that I like my sleep.  I’m typically a bit groggy and kicking myself for not picking out my clothes the night before, but I manage to get by.

One of the biggest considerations for my work day is the location of my meetings. I am lucky to be part of a company is growing year after year, but we have outgrown our main headquarters building. It’s a short walk between buildings for meetings, but probably not something you want to do everyday in heels, therefore I am always looking for a pair of flats worthy of this minor commute.



One of my goals this year is to try out new textures. The large pleated collar blouse combined with the stitching on the skirt (including buttons and a pocket) was a fun way to add dimension to an outfit that would normally appear “flat.” The tassels on these  black flats jingle a bit when you walk, but that doesn’t take away from the comfort level and the all day ‘wearability’.






I hope that you decide to add a layer of texture to your day and find shoes that are easy on the feet for the daily grind. Thank you so much for reading!

Jackie Signature


Top || Storets Mon Chat Blouse, similar here
Bottom || H&M Skirt
Outerwear ||  Michael Kors Jacket, similar here and here
Shoes || Louise et Cie Flats, similar here and here
Handbag ||  Kate Spade Harmony Bag

Featuring – My dog, Kima.
xoxox SHIRLZ

Author: Jackie

A marketing professional and lover of all things fashion and style, blogging on nights and weekends.

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