Tips for Getting Started in the AM


Mornings at work can be difficult, especially those awful Mondays (like today). When you are experiencing a slow start – here are a few things that you can do to help you kick-start your work week and stay on top of your priorities.

Do the Most Important Assignment First
While you have the entire day ahead of you, complete the one thing that you thought about pushing to the end of the day. It can cause unnecessary stress for you if you delay the task. Once it is completed and out of the way – you open up your day to take on some other projects and can be relaxed while doing it.

Scan your Inbox for Red Flags
Red Flags are items that are urgent and must be considered a priority for the day. Work on these tasks next. Some of these will take some time to sort and attack but for the most part, these should be more task related items that you can check off the list.  Phew!

Rally your Agenda or To-Do List
I am a list person and this helps me to gather my thoughts. It brings attention to some issues that require my focus at some point during the day. If the list starts get a bit lengthy, try using a highlighter to pinpoint the items that need your undivided attention today. The list will also keep you on track as well as serve as a reminder tool. Cross off each item as you work your way down. Done and DONE!




Check-In with your Team
It’s always great to get a pulse on what the team is up to for the day. Whether they are your immediate team or co-workers, catching up could help to find some commonalities in assignments and tasks. Consider combining efforts and resources in order to prevent a duplication of efforts if similar tasks are discovered.In addition, the affinity you create with everyone around you will help to carry you through the day.

Check-Out from Time to Time
Checking out sounds like a negative recommendation but in actuality it can serve a great purpose to your morning and afternoon. Every so often, make sure that you are getting up from your desk and stepping away from work space. I’ve heard that you should be moving every 45 minutes or so. (Especially during Mondays and Wednesdays around 3pm.) Whether you go grab a coffee, take a short walk, or just stretch – it is important to take a few moments and look away from the computer screen. It will allow you time to gather your thoughts and come back clear, refreshed and motivated to take on the rest of the work day.



I hope that AM’s and work days are a little bit easier for you moving forward. What do you do to tackle your days? Share below.

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