Puffer Coat + Hunter Boots


Recently, the mister and I took a stay-cation and traveled to Burlington, Vermont for a few days. It was a nice change from being at my desk and a much needed shift from the day to day routines.

During our travels, we enjoy walking around the local town and visiting all the area’s attractions which means a decent amount of time is spent outdoors regardless of the weather conditions. I did the research, anticipated that it was going to be a cold weekend and made sure to pack accordingly.



So let me tell you about this jacket (cue memory lane music). When I was a sophomore in high school, North Face’s “puffy coats” were really in style – similar to the Canada Goose craze right now. I begged and pleaded with my mom to get me one until she finally agreed. I definitely chose it two sizes too big for me at the time (size large), but I didn’t care – I had to have it. I was such a brat, sorry mom! Over the years, this coat has kept me warm for many winters and I have always tried to take care of it, knowing that it was a stretch for my mother.

I was visiting my mom one day last month and she commented on how much she liked my coat. I had to remind her that this is the very SAME jacket she bought for me in high school and she was amazed. I guess she got her money’s worth! It has been more than 10 years and it is still my coat of choice during the coldest months.




I spent the majority of my time in Burlington, VT all bundled up and that was part of the fun. I enjoy the casual pace and walking around in my bright rubber ducky yellow Hunter boots. We bounced in and out of stores, made pit stops at local restaurants, chatted at coffee shops over lattes and ciders, visited fair trade boutiques and had silly laugh-out-loud moments that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

One of the promises I made to myself this year was to have more of a work-life balance. Sometimes, we working girls are so ambitious that we forget to stop and smell the roses – so take time for yourself and reap the rewards of working hard this year. You deserve it!


Thanks so much for stopping by and reading!

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TOP | North Face Jacket (old), similar here
Bottom | DKNY Jeans, similar here
Shoes | Hunter Boots, Hunter Boot Liners
Accessories | North Face Gloves, Scarf, similar here



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