My Introduction to L’Occitane


I have been eyeing the L’Occitane en Provence skincare line from afar for quite some time now but have never really built up the courage to purchase an item. I get nervous with testing out too many skincare products since a few have not worked out for me.

This beautiful set was a holiday gift from my good friend Britt. The items (listed below) are the perfect travel size companions for the working girl and really gave me my first exposure to L’Occitane products. I try to keep the products as gentle and as real as possible and L’Occitane is a perfect solution.


(From Left to Right: Hand Creme, Amande Supple Skin Oil, Amande Shower Oil, Precious Creme, Cherry Blossom Hand Creme, Cleansing Oil)

Amande Shower Oil

Have you ever tried one of those in shower lotion washes and it was just too greasy or too heavy? Well you should try this out. The Amande Shower Oil pours like an oil (and you don’t need much) but then lathers when it makes contact with water. (where have you been all my life?!) It moisturizes without that greasy feel and leaves a light almond scent behind. It has quickly become my favorite of the entire set.

Cleansing Oil (5% Shea)
Typically, I use makeup wipes to remove my makeup and follow up with a face cream afterwards. This cleansing oil really does solve the need for both of it. The oil lightly lathers to remove even waterproof makeup and leaves my skin feeling silky and smooth. I personally have been using this at night along with the small precious creme that came in the gift set and it is a match made in heaven.

Precious Creme
The Precious Creme came just in time. I have had a difficult time finding a face moisturizer that I am happy with and comfortable using. After cleaning my face with the cleansing oil, I gently massage this into my face right before bed. In the morning, my skins feels so rejuvenated and fresh. I have started to integrate this into my daily routine and I am loving it! I will surely upgrade this one to a full size.

Hand Cream (20% Shea)
This iconic little travel size hand cream has been a life saver with the New England winter winds. You only need a little dab to really moisturize your hands. The hand cream is thick, luxurious and works immediately. I even had a few gentleman ask to use it during a sales meeting because it is their brand of choice as well. I guess I should start prepping some swag bags for the next meeting!

Cherry Blossom Hand Creme
The Cherry Blossom hand creme is part of a limited collection of scents and to reiterate again – you will not be disappointed. This one I keep at home for my own personal stash so that I don’t fly through it as quickly. The beautiful floral scent reminds me of the first blooms of the spring season. A great breath of fresh air in all this snow. Le sigh!

Supple Skin Oil
If the shower oil was not enough of a wow product already – the supple skin oil has also become a quick favorite. This almond oil is light and truly does melt into your skin like L’Occitane claims. It leaves skin with a smooth and satin finish. I personally do not use it every day but every couple of days really makes me feel like I’m having a spa day in my own home.

All in all – I am so happy with all of the products that came in the cute little sample set and I cannot wait to add to my collection. Thank you Britt for an amazing gift and introducing me to the world of L’Occitane.

Do you have any of these products? What do you think of them?

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