Cardigan On, Cardigan Off


I have been MIA these last few weeks but it feels good to be back.

Sometimes when life gets hectic, you have to make decisions around which part you need to turn off temporarily so that you can gather your thoughts and pull it all back together again. Work has been really busy, work travel kicked in again and I got on an airplane (whoa!), I saw my parents for the first time in 18 months, the mister hurt his foot and has been on crutches for a few weeks, and I am finally going to see some friends from home this weekend after over a year of lost time with one another’s growing families. ❤

Can you believe that I actually had work travel too? After over a year, I am certainly out of practice for packing. I think that an outfit like this one is perfect for getting back into the groove. Without the cardigan, the floral blouse still looks professional with the ruffle shoulder details. Some people are old school and believe that you shouldn’t show your shoulders in the office – so this is a happy medium.

When you add the navy cardigan as a layer- it is the textbook office friendly outfit that shows a pop of color and pattern for the day ahead. The cardigan is also a wonderful layer to bring with you if you are getting on a flight since it can get a little chilly on the flight or in the meeting rooms.

How would you wear this – cardigan on or off?






I think that I prefer the cardigan off – but both are options that work well together. Have a great weekend!!

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TOP // Floral Blouse (xs), Forever Navy Cardigan (xs)
BOTTOM // Navy Kick Crop Pant (2)
ACCESSORIES // Blue Suede Heels, Cat Eye Sunglasses, Halston Clutch (similar here), Pillow Talk Lipstick 

Author: Jackie

A marketing professional and lover of all things fashion and style, blogging on nights and weekends.

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