Add This Wool Coat to Your Closet

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Over the holidays I may or may not have gifted myself with a new wool blend coat! I have worn it on repeat multiple times since then!!So here we are again – a new week in 2021. It is unbelievable that we are in the second week of the year and so much has happened already. The world has changed so much these last few days and I am trying to keep my head up, chin high and thinking positive thoughts for the remainder of 2021. If you ask my mom, she will tell you that this is MY year (the year of the ox) so things have to fall into place, right?

Well if this is the year of me, I am going to embrace it with all that I have and hope that the universe will stay on course and bring everyone a year of health and happiness. I am looking forward to the sun shining again so we can spend more time outdoors and safely seeing other humans, but until then – lets bundle up and wear all the fabulous coats we can.

If you are looking for a wool coat that stands out but still carries that classic feel – look no further. I grabbed this coat over the holiday break and it has been my go-to ‘throw on and go‘ item from the closet every single time we step out for some fresh air The mister is getting sick of seeing it. (hehe)  I love the texture and the wool is very similar to mohair. I am wearing an XS but it is more of an oversized coat with the dropped shoulders, so there is still room to spare for layers. Perfect for New England Winters!

TCC_2021Jan_Gray Coat_5

TCC_2021Jan_Gray Coat_13

TCC_2021Jan_Gray Coat_12

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TOP // J.Crew Sweater
JACKET // Express Wool-blend Coat
ACCESSORIES // Express Round Belt, Sam Edleman Knee-High Boots,
Target Sunglasses, Loft Scarf

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