The Ultimate Brunch @ Publico // Boston, MA


It is officially summer!! The hubby and I are calling this summer #SpontaneousSummer or #GreatestSummer (depends on who you ask) as a way for us to just get up and go! You may or may not see more restaurant reviews from me since we love to eat and try new cocktails. This past Sunday, we tried out the new Publico Street Bistro & Garden for brunch with some fabulous friends and what a treat it was!!



Publico is hidden in an up-and-coming South Boston neighborhood, at the bottom floor of a new condo development. (11 Dorchester Street, Boston) I was in love with all the graffiti style artwork and surprised by the fact that the entire center of the restaurant is open-air! I had to excuse myself from the table and take photos.  ❤



During my little wander session, I bumped into Theo, the manager/owner. He was extremely hospitable and we chatted for a few minutes about the ambiance, furniture selection, artwork details and the making of Publico. I will definitely be heading back there with some girlfriends for the Breakfast For Champions. Sunshine and mimosas + tacos and beignets = one happy Jackie. You’re lucky that you didn’t have to roll me out of there.  #Cheers

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